How to Send Files Over 25MB in Gmail

Sending large files using Gmail can not be arbitrary. Because Gmail limits attachments (attachments) to a maximum of only 25MB.

If it is more than 25MB it will be rejected and the email will not be able to be sent.

One of the reasons why Google limits attachments to only 25MB may be because of the problem with the speed of sending emails .

If the attachment is larger, the email delivery time will be longer and potentially fail to be sent.

This will certainly make the user experience worse. That’s why Google limits attachments to only 25MB.

But unfortunately, we are often faced with the opposite situation.

There are times when we have to send files larger than 25MB via Gmail.

Whether it’s a work file, coursework, or something else.

Do Buddy Androbuntu also often experience things like that? If yes, then you are reading the right article.

Because in this Androbuntu article, I will make a tutorial on how to send large files via Gmail.

As a bonus, I’ll also provide a tutorial on how to send large files via Yahoo Mail.

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How to Send Files Over 25MB in Gmail

In this tutorial I use the Gmail application on an Android phone.

But even so you can still follow this method in Gmail on PC, iPhone, and others. The important thing is to both use Gmail .

As we know that Google has many integrated services.

Well, a service that can be integrated with Gmail to send large files is Google Drive.

You can first upload your files to Google Drive .

The trick is to tap the + button at the bottom right of the Google Drive app, then tap Upload and select the file you want to send.

Then Buddy Androbuntu wait until the file is uploaded on Google Drive. The larger the file size , the longer it will usually take to upload it.

If the file has been uploaded to Google Drive, then open your Gmail application. Then compose a new email by tapping the Compose button .

Fill in all the required fields starting from the recipient’s email address, email title , to the body of the email .

Next, to select the file that we uploaded earlier to Google Drive , tap the Insert from Drive button . Then select the file that we uploaded earlier to Google Drive.

The file will then appear in the email we are writing.

If everything is correct, then all you have to do is send the email above by tapping the Send button in the upper right corner of the application.

Now the recipient of the email will receive the large file . If he wants to download it, he just has to tap on the attachment and the file will download immediately.

There is one thing to keep in mind that Google Drive only provides you with 15GB of free storage space.

So the file you send can’t be bigger than 15GB. And I think it’s very rare that people will send files with a size of more than 15GB.

Because your Google Drive storage space is only limited to 15GB, it’s better if the files that have been sent are deleted again. So that your Google Drive is not full.

But with a note that your friend who received the email has already downloaded the file .

How to Send Large Files Using Yahoo Mail

Well, if you’re still using Yahoo’s email service, don’t worry.

You can also do the same with Gmail users. Namely sending large files via email.

The method is almost the same as above.

It’s just that we’re going to use DropBox to store the large file we want to send.

Why DropBox?

Yes, actually it is not mandatory to have DropBox. You can use other cloud services .

But as for me being a DropBox user, yes I use DropBox.

First, we need to upload a large file that we want to send to DropBox.

Then make the file viewable and downloadable by others.

I have written the complete method in a previous article entitled How to Create a File Download Link in DropBox .

Don’t forget to copy the file link that you uploaded in DropBox earlier.

Then create a new email in Yahoo Mail.

Enter the recipient’s name, email subject, and email body.

Then paste the DropBox file url into the contents of your email.

Provide a description that the link is a link to the file you want to share.

Then send the email .

That way, the recipient of the email can download the large file.

Very easy isn’t it?


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