How to send encrypted emails from Gmail

Content encryption is essential for the protection of emails. In this regard, gmail provides enhanced encryption using S / MIME. However, if you have wondered how to send encrypted emails from gmail? – Very easy, this article offers you the answer you need.

Before starting, you should be aware of basic actions such as sending emails as an attachment in Gmail , important before more complex actions like the ones discussed below.

How to send encrypted emails from gmail? – Very easy

Currently, some email servers allow encryption of the communication channel in order to protect the information that is sent to a recipient . In this way, the security problem due to unauthorized access to messages is solved.

Next, we will show you relevant information about this interesting procedure: Content encryption and how to activate it, which you can also apply when sending mass and personalized emails .

What is gmail?

Gmail also called Google mail, refers to an email service launched by the Google company. It makes money from advertising and has a public version and a paid version (without advertising). Gmail can be used on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

What is gmail for?

Gmail is used to send and receive email messages through a free account whose ending is @ It started in 2004 offering users 1Gb of storage space. Currently, Google mail has a limit of 15 GB of memory.

How does gmail work?

The gmail service works like a web application. It runs in the Ajax programming language which combines XML and Javascript. In order to use gmail it is necessary to have a Google account , in this way, a gmail address is assigned to the user.

The system is similar to that of other emails, so in essence you should not have problems when sending documents, sending emails or sending large files through Gmail .

What is an encrypted email?

An encrypted email is a message whose information has been encrypted to ensure its security during delivery. There are two levels of encryption: S / MIME Enhanced Encryption and Standard TLS Encryption.

Keep in mind that sending encrypted information is not unique to emails. In fact you can also send encrypted messages from Twitter and other platforms. It is something that is recommended for privacy reasons.

Enhanced S / MIME encryption

Enhanced S / MIME encryption is a level used for the most sensitive information. In this case, S / MIME encrypts all messages by having the recipient’s public key and the recipient, having a private key, can decrypt these messages.

Standard TLS encryption

TLS refers to security at the transport layer. This level of encryption is the most advisable for most messages and is widely used for email services that do not support the S / MIME level.

Send an encrypted email from gmail

To send an encrypted email from gmail you must take into account a series of steps in order to protect the messages you send to others. Before you start, S / MIME must be enabled in your Google account.

If so, you can compose your message and in the “To” section add the recipients. On the right side of this section you will see a lock icon referring to the level of encryption for each recipient.

Change S / MIME settings

For emails to be automatically encrypted, you must change the S / MIME settings. Click on the padlock icon (on the right side of the recipient list). Choose the “Details” option and proceed to make the changes.

A lock icon will indicate, according to its color, the level of encryption or the absence of this attribute. In this sense, if the icon is green it means that the encryption is S / MIME and if it is gray, then the encryption is TLS.

Messages without encryption level

If the red icon appears, it means that the message does not have encryption and, therefore, is an unsecured email. In this case, you must verify the recipient’s email address , remove it from the “To” section, or delete the confidential content.


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