What are Chrome Flags; how can we activate these hidden functions?

It would not be a surprise to anyone if it is mentioned that today, Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers of 2020 , millions of users worldwide have it on their computers or phones, and use it every day of their lives. But, do you know how to use it completely? Today you will discover a new world in your browser, the Chrome Flags.

The mystery of hidden functions, what is a Chrome flag?

Don’t worry, if you still have a hard time understanding, we are still starting. So changing the Google Chrome search engine is not an option for you until the end.

The first thing to keep in mind is that they are not in the beta phase of Chrome, they come to us in the final version (the one we all have), therefore everyone has free and free access to them. Even so, it is still considered one of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

They are basically what you read in the title, functions, which will help us to have a more pleasant and comfortable experience when browsing the web as usual, the big difference with others and the reason why they are ” hidden ” is because Chrome Flags are experimental.

The functions that we see and use day after day have already been applied, you are also, but they could be kept in the final product or not, (that is, they could be removed in the future depending on the use and experience of the users).

Otherwise, they are very easy to use, each one has its respective text that explains what it works for, and we as users are the ones who decide whether to try them or not.


How to access or activate these mysterious functions?

You don’t have to be a genius to activate it, you just have to go to our search bar and ” Place ” the following URL: chrome: // flags, here it will show us a menu full of options, which most probably do not know.

Now there is something to take into consideration, the Chrome Flags as we mentioned are being tested, they work yes, but in the long run activating many of them can cause our browser to start presenting errors, even with a few depending on the page where we enter, it could cause some problem.

If you agree to take this risk, go to the Flags section. You will notice the ones that say ” Available ” those are the ones that are available, then just press the button that appears right there with the legend ” Enabled ” to activate or ” Disabled ” to deactivate them.

Then you just have to press a blue box ” Relaunch “, with this Chrome will restart with what you have placed.

In the event that the warning is fulfilled and your browser becomes unstable because you mess with many Flags (which is logical if you are curious), you just have to go back to the ” Flags ” menu and select the ” Reset all to default ” button, and so everything will return to normal.

If you went too far and did not let you enter ” Flags “, first make sure to log in to Chrome (so you don’t lose your passwords), go to the phone menu to ” Settings “, go to ” Applications ” and then to Chrome in the same menu, where it says ” Storage ” we press ” Delete storage “, and that’s it.


Know some of these shortcuts and make your life easier

So that you are not in doubt, here are some examples of the best Chrome Flags available today.

“Force dark Mode for web contents”

With this function you will place the dark mode on all web pages (not all of them look good).

“Smooth scrolling”

This translates to smooth scrolling, and it is basically that, it slows down the way you go down and move around the screen.

“Hardware-accelerated video decode”

This is one of the favorites, what it does is speed up the playback of the videos by forcing the hardware.

“Offline page previews”

One of the best for those whose internet connection is not the best or is going through a bad time. Chrome will load a previously saved version of the page (if available). As you are, there are many more, but it remains in your curiosity to look for them and start browsing the web like a professional.


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