How to share Wifi from one cell phone to another via Bluetooth on Android

Possibly, you have ever wanted to share the internet connection from your mobile phone; At that time, the question would arise, how to share Wi – Fi from one cell phone to another via Bluetooth on Android? Pay attention to this article so that you take advantage of these two technologies for communication.

Certainly in most circumstances the most common is to use a mobile as a WiFi router to share the Internet , but it is also possible to perform this action using Bluetooth , as we will show you below.

How to share Wifi from one cell phone to another via Bluetooth on Android?

On certain occasions we are left without an internet connection and we urgently require this service. Thanks to the tethering method available in Android, it is possible to create a network access point in order to establish a shared connection.

Next, we will show you all the necessary information so that you can share a Wi-Fi network via Bluetooth on Android .

What is Wifi?

Wifi is the acronym Wireless Fidelity and refers to a technology that allows the connection of different electronic devices via wireless. The wireless technology is based on standards that allow connection of components by the IEEE 802.11 specifications.

How does Wifi work?

A Wifi connection works by transmitting data by electromagnetic waves. Every Wi-Fi network requires a router (with antenna) connected to the Internet and receiving devices compatible with Wi-Fi technology.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a technology that allows communication between devices that are at a short distance (up to 100 m) . It behaves like a communications protocol for the transmission of music, videos and images to other equipment.

How does Bluetooth work?

For this technology to work, it is necessary that the devices that are going to communicate correctly activate Bluetooth on Android or any other device Subsequently, the computers must synchronize, connect and proceed to send the data from “the master device” to the channelized / synchronized device.

Share Wi-Fi from one cell phone to another on Android

Initially, you must set up a private network. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu on your mobile device. There you will find the option “More”, when you click there you will see the option ” Tethering to network and Wi-Fi zone “.

Next, a configuration window will appear. In the section “Network SSID” you must write a name to identify the private network you are creating. Later, in the “Security” section, you establish the encryption system in order to protect access to the new private network.

Recommendations for sharing cellular Wifi

When creating the private network it is recommended that you use the  WPA2 PSK encryption system . In addition, it is recommended that you write a password with a minimum value of eight alphanumeric characters, taking into account the passwords that you should not use on a Wi-Fi network .

Creating the network access point

Once the new private network has been created with a name and the encryption system chosen, you must make sure that you have entered a strong password and click on the “Save” button .

Internet access point operation

With the internet access point you just created, an efficient method of sharing the internet with other devices via Wifi is established. It is convenient to mention that the device where the private network was created will be the “sender Wifi” .

Activate connection sharing

To activate the shared connection via Wi-Fi, you must go to “Settings” again, click on the “More” option and on “Tethering and Wi-Fi zone”. Then, select the option “Portable Wifi Zone” . Indeed, an icon will appear in the notification area and thus you can access the shared Wi-Fi network.

Share the Wifi from one cell phone to another via Bluetooth on Android

First, you must activate Bluetooth mode on both devices and pair them. Then, access the option ” Network anchor and Wi-Fi zone” as explained above. Then select the option “Bluetooth tethering” and this will activate the shared network.

As you will see, the previous method is designed for Android, but it is also possible to share Internet from iPhone to laptop or other phone , especially useful to take advantage of mobile networks.


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