How to sell properties in GTA Online?

We reveal the method by which you can sell properties that you have already acquired in GTA Online. From apartments to garages and businesses like the office, the bunker and more.

The property market in GTA Online is very broad, but what if we are interested in selling properties instead of buying them? In the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V it is possible to sell apartments, garages and businesses that we have acquired, although this option is not very visible and you may not know how to do it . Do not worry, below we show you the steps to follow to be able to sell any property that you have bought with your character.

How to sell properties in GTA Online?

As you already know if you have bought properties, the acquisition of apartments, nightclubs and derivatives in GTA Online is done through the Internet application of the mobile phone, in the “Money and services” section . However, officially there is no direct option for the sale of our properties.


  • This does not mean that you cannot sell your properties, because in reality you can. It’s just that you need to follow some concrete steps to be able to do it.
  • Actually, to be able to sell properties, you must first have reached the maximum number of properties acquiredof the same type.

What does this mean? For example, currently the maximum number of apartments that we can have in GTA Online is six in total . If you want to buy a seventh apartment, the game will prevent you from doing so, unless you sell one of the ones you already own first.

This is the actual way to sell properties in GTA Online. In the case of apartments, if you have already reached the maximum number, when you want to buy one more through the Dynasty 8 website, an alert message will appear indicating that when you buy that home you will have to sell another.

This is actually known as trading one property for another (because we’ve already said that there is no official sale option). But be that as it may, when you exchange one apartment for another you will immediately receive all the money that it cost you at the time plus the difference with respect to the new property you have bought.

Please note that vehicle access to the garage associated with an apartment may be lost if you purchase an apartment with a smaller garage. So it is important to first look at that detail so as not to lose cars or motorcycles.

Sell ​​business

This method that we have described also works the same way to sell businesses; nightclubs, motorcycle club venues, offices, bunkers, and more. If you already have the maximum number of this type of property, when you want to buy one more, you can exchange / sell the one you prefer at any time. Remember that when selling a business you also lose all the improvements acquired for it or the progress and missions that you are doing in them.

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