GTA Online: Best Cheap Properties To Buy At The Beginning

We recommend the best apartments and garages that you can buy initially in GTA Online to invest your money wisely. Don’t waste your dollars and go for cheap properties.


  1. The best cheap apartments and garages to start with
  2. The best high-end apartment worth your while

Buying property in GTA Online is very important to properly progress in multiplayer, but at first one can be quite undecided about which home or apartment to spend our hard-earned money on . Do not worry, in this post we are going to recommend the best properties, both cheap and expensive , depending on your possibilities, which you should undoubtedly buy in your departure .

The best cheap apartments and garages to start with

Assuming you are just starting out in GTA Online and still have very little money saved , you will want to spend it very carefully. At this point in your departure you are not to waste, so acquiring an apartment and a garage are vital things, but you will have to make a small investment .


These are the cheapest apartments and garages to buy initially.

Apartment – 0112 S Rockford Dr, Apt. 13

  • Location:South Rockford Drive, Little Seoul.
  • Price:$ 80,000.
  • Number of parking spaces:2 parking spaces.

This is the cheapest and most accessible apartment in GTA Online. It is a good place to live and to be able to have a spawn point if we have problems. If you don’t have a lot of money, you have to focus on low-class apartments , also known as low-end. And in this sense, this is the most sensible purchase. We will tell you that it is not worth going to one of the mid-range , because it is better to save to jump directly to a luxury one, but if you need to have something already, take this one.

Garage – Unit 124 Popular St

  • Location:Unit 124 Popular Street, La Mesa.
  • Price:$ 25,000.
  • Number of parking spaces:2 parking spaces.

This is the cheapest garage in GTA Online. Its location may not be the best and most comfortable, but it more than fulfills its function and can cost you $ 10,000 cheaper than the most expensive low-end garage. It is money that you can save to spend on other things.

Garage – 870 Access to Route 68

  • Location:Route 68, Great Chaparral.
  • Price:$ 65,000.
  • Number of parking spaces:6 parking spaces.

If you need a larger, more modest garage and don’t mind spending some money, this is a great option. This is a mid-range garage that can come in handy to store a few more vehicles. As an alternative or additional option without leaving you a lot of money, it is ideal.

The best high-end apartment worth your while

If you want to buy expensive properties , in case you already have some good savings in your bank, then what you are looking for are high-end or luxury apartments and garages . This also includes mansions, which are even more expensive.

However, in this guide we are to show you what is most worth buying . The cheapest luxury apartment will unlock your access to shock and cover your needs just like the most expensive one, so unless you want to waste your money, you should always focus on the best of the best, for the lowest possible price .

In this sense, below we show you the best high-end apartment that is worth it.

Apartment – Del Perro Heights, apt. 7

  • Location:Del Perro, Los Santos.
  • Price:$ 200,000.
  • Number of parking spaces:10 parking spaces.

This is the cheapest high-end apartment in GTA Online. If you want to get access to blows, it is an essential home to acquire. In this skyscraper, the cheapest option is that of the 7th floor , since the higher the floor, the more expensive the purchase will become.

In addition, the luxury apartment includes a garage for up to 10 places (like all those in this category). Therefore it is a great buy. If you don’t mind not having a home or garage for a while, saving to buy this property directly is another great option when it comes to investing your money wisely.

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