How to see who entered your Facebook account from a PC

If you’ve been noticing suspicious activity on your Facebook account lately ; messages that you never sent, posts on the wall of your contacts or notifications that you would swear never to have opened. Surely it is that someone may have entered your Facebook profile and is using it without you knowing.

Facebook is a social network in which most of the users have an account. The privacy and stability in an account on a social network are relevant. Nobody should like that anyone is visiting their Facebook profile .

Although it is well known that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is not exactly the one that works best in this regard. Just look at the inconveniences they had in the last two years, scandal after scandal.

How to do in these cases when they access your Facebook account

We are going to explain to you how you can know if there are people who enter your Facebook, by using the review at the beginning of the session . With this, you can know where each person comes from, and you can even log out remotely so that if the session has started, you close it on their device. You can also block someone’s Facebook story .

Version to use

In the mobile application, we will use the Android version , so it is the most widely used operating system, and in the iPhone IOS version the movements to be made are almost the same.

What you need to know is that in Facebook there is a category the configuration in which you can see all the logins that have been in the account. This is how I can find out from which device and from where they have entered the account. You can know if they have entered the account from places or equipment that you do not identify. This way we would know that someone has entered your account.

How to see who entered your Facebook account from a PC

First of all, in the facebook account you have to press the options button that is located above the right side, with an arrow icon pointing downwards. After that, the options menu will open, then click on the Settings and privacy option that appears with a gear icon.

Another menu will open within that window (the same one with options), then click on Settings (also the gear icon), which appears right first.

A Facebook settings page will open. In this part, you press where it says Security and login which is in the left column. Then, which opens, you select the category Where you have logged in. There you can see the last devices where the session has been opened, you can also click on See more to open the defined list.

By clicking on See more , you can see the precise list. There you can see from which computer you have logged in, from where and when. If you place the mouse over any of them you will see the IP. The location will help you recognize if the device is yours or not.

In the event that a location, or that the type of device you do not recognize, click on the button with three vertical dots on the right to open options. A menu will open where you can select from, Exit to log out of that device. there is also another option , isn’t it you? that will give you steps to change the password in case it is not you.

How to see who enters your Facebook account from mobile

First you have to press the menu button in the mobile application, on the top right, the icon is three lines one above the other. Then click on Settings and privacy , click Settings. Then in Security and Login, you have a shield icon. Then you go to Where you have logged in and click on See more, you will see the complete list, from where and when.

Situations like this can affect access to the Facebook account in the long run . If you do not recognize any, click on the three-dot icon on the right to open the menu where you can click Sign out for that device. There is also the option to Protect account, which gives you the steps to change the password, for example.


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