How to securely manage and store my passwords with KeePass?

Next, we will see how to securely manage and store my passwords with KeePass . A totally free open source software that is worth giving a try.

Password managers are quite important, especially if you have many passwords to manage and more so if they are for accounts with important data, be it work, bank accounts, etc.

It is important that we know which program to use when managing our passwords and one of the most popular is KeePass . It is totally free, it has no limitations and above all it is easy to use.

Its interface is not so modern that we say. But it is very intuitive and easy to use , with all the options clear and ready to give you an excellent experience so that you can focus on managing and saving all your passwords and nothing more than that.

Let’s talk a bit more about this software and see how to securely manage and save my passwords with KeePass in a matter of minutes.

Manage and save my passwords with KeePass

The first thing we must understand is KeePass is open source software , this actually gives us greater security, since we know how it is formed, anyone can audit the source code of the program to confirm that it is secure.

This is a notable difference compared to other closed source alternatives where no one, except for the same company, can audit the code. We have to take into account that we are going to control passwords that possibly contain sensitive information. So this is a plus point to keep in mind that most users do not pay attention to it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the application is completely free without any kind of limitation, unlike the most popular alternatives, this is another point in favor that we must mention.

One thing to keep in mind is that KeePass works locally in every sense. Unable to sync data with other devices. This is something that seen from a certain point of view guarantees us more security, but it can be a bit uncomfortable when we use several devices because we have to manually pass the database from one device to another.

KeePass to manage and save my passwords

The first thing we must do when using KeePass is to create a database. You can create as many as you want. Although we can only have one open at a time. How do we create a database? It is too simple a process.

The first thing is to choose where we are going to save the database and then choose the security method to protect it . After this we will continue configuring the options that are presented to us such as: data compression, security-related parameters, the recycle bin and advanced options.

After this we can add the different passwords one by one. In case you have a file created with passwords, you can import them so that they are added automatically.

Each entry must include a title, username, password, and URL . Then we will have a “Notes” box where we can add some kind of comment. Another thing we can do is create groups to have different accounts. For example: we can create a group for accounts related to work, others to study, leisure, etc.

Once we close the program, a window will appear where it will give us the option to save the passwords. We simply click on “Save” and voila, we will have our password database kept completely secure.


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