How to View WiFi Passwords

Have you lost your WiFi password? Not sure how to get it back? Well, if you have a device that has been connected to WiFi previously, it will be possible that you can recover it. Right now, you are going to learn how to view WiFi passwords from Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac.

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  1. Where are passwords stored for Android and Windows devices?
    1. On Android devices
    2. On Windows computers
  2. How can we see the WiFi passwords saved on our devices?
    1. From Windows
    2. On Mac
    3. On Android devices
    4. On iPhones
    5. From GNU / Linux
  3. How can I share my WiFi connection from computer to mobile?
    1. With the QR code
    2. Through text messages
  4. What is the way we can share the WiFi password of Apple devices?

Where are passwords stored for Android and Windows devices?

No matter what device it is, there is always some kind of way to see the WiFi passwords that are stored on them. Right now, you will see how to know where passwords are saved on Android and Windows devices.

On Android devices

On Android devices, they are stored in a file located at the address \ data \ misc \ wifi or in \ data \ wifi. You only have to have a special App so that it can find that address, since it is hidden so that it is not accidentally deleted or altered.

On Windows computers

On Windows computers, passwords are stored in configuration files . However, it is not possible to find a specific file with all the passwords. But if you go to the saved networks section in the Control Panel, you will be able to see the password easily.

How can we see the WiFi passwords saved on our devices?

If you want to see your WiFi password on any smart device you have, it can be very easy. In some cases it turns out to be a bit more complicated but it is possible to do it on Windows, Android, Mac, GNU / LINUX and iOS. There are also methods to recover the password of a WiFi .

From Windows


On Windows computers, it has always been easy to obtain the password for any network that is already registered on the device . However, although it is possible in all Windows, they are not always in the same way. In Windows 10 it is achieved as follows:

  • 1st step: go to the start and go to the settings. There you will see some options, you must press the one called Network and Internet and within See network connections.
  • 2nd step: when you enter, all the networks you have connected to will appear in the automatically connect mode. When you have located the network for which you want to know the password, press the right click and then on Status.
  • 3rd step: once there, click on Wireless Properties and go to the Security section. The hidden password will appear, finally you just have to click on Show characters and all the characters of the password will be seen.

On Mac

If you want to see the password of a WiFi network from a computer that has MacOS, you will have to go directly to Keychain Access, which is where the passwords are stored. In order to achieve this, you can follow the following steps:

  • 1st step: you have to open the Keychain Access. To achieve this easily you must access the Applications and then the Utilities.
  • 2nd step: in the search engine of this area you must write the word “Airport”, since with this all the passwords of WiFi connections will appear
  • 3rd step: click on the WiFi network that interests you and you will be able to see all the data about that specific connection. In this case you will go to where the password is and press show.

On Android devices

Although on Android devices it may seem almost impossible, it is possible. However, you will need to use an external App that will help you achieve it . The steps for you to do it are:

  • 1st step: to begin, you must download and install the ES File Explorer App , since the file that has the passwords is among the files on your cell phone.
  • 2nd step: go to the Data> Misc> Wifi folder. There you will find a file called wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • 3rd step: open this file and you will be able to see the information of all the networks you have connected to, such as the SSID or name and the PSK or password.

On iPhones

On iPhone devices, no way has been found to know where the WiFi passwords are stored. In itself, these are saved, since when returning to the WiFi it connects automatically but the whereabouts of the file that saves them is not known.

However, if you have the keychain turned on at all times, you may be able to see the password there. For that, you must follow the same method that is applied with Mac devices.

From GNU / Linux

GNU / Linux is a system that in each network places a different distribution as a security method. However, all distributions have similar factors that can help you find your password , the steps are:

  • 1st step: enter “System Preferences” and then “Network Option”. You have to access the options bar and search for the WiFi networks that have been accessed from that device.
  • 2nd step: double click on the network for which you want to know the password and the password will appear, depending on the type of distribution. If it doesn’t come out, try the method you’ll see below.
  • Terminal method– 1st step : enter the “Terminal Emulator” and type copy and paste the following: sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/WIFINAME.nmconnection | grep psk =
  • Terminal Method– 2nd step : where it says WIFI NAME, you must put the name of the WiFi on which you want to know the password. Then, press ENTER and it will give you the password after the psk code.

How can I share my WiFi connection from computer to mobile?

In some cases it may be necessary to share the internet from the computer to a cell phone. But the process can sometimes seem impossible, however, there are two methods that allow it. In some cases where the password cannot be obtained, the router can be reset and reconfigured .

With the QR code

Through the use of a QR code it is possible to share the connection from a PC to a mobile phone. However, the use of external programs is required to achieve this, since Windows computers do not have this function. It is best to use the online site

In this, a QR code is generated that when scanned, makes any device connect to the WiFi without having to enter the router password.

Through text messages

Currently, there is no method to share the internet through text messages. However, it is possible that if you have a special program on your PC to send messages, you can send a text message with the password to your mobile. In this way, it would be possible for you to connect to the WiFi.

What is the way we can share the WiFi password of Apple devices?

Passwords can be easily and easily shared between Apple devices . These cell phones have a feature called Share Your Wi-Fi. With this you can share the password of any WiFi, you just have to do the following:

  • 1st step: activate WiFi on both devices and also Bluetooth. The phone that has the stored password has to be connected to the WiFi that you want to share.
  • 2nd step: connect the devices via Bluetooth and start Share Your Wi-Fi. You will be asked if you want to share the network password and you have to click on Share password.

Finally, the device that did not have the key should automatically connect to the WiFi and you will have a stable connection.


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