How to manage saved passwords in Opera

The Opera web browser includes a built-in password manager that will save your username, password, and online forms that you may need to log into websites.We’ve already seen how we can manage passwords in Internet Explorer using Credential Manager – and how to manage passwords in Chrome. Now let’s see how we can see and manage saved passwords in Opera on Windows.

Managing saved passwords in Opera

To do this, open the Opera web browser and click the “Options” button in the upper left corner, select “Settings”. Then click on the Privacy & Security link in the left pane.

If the “Suggest to save passwords I entered on the Internet” checkbox is selected, Opera will save all your credentials. To view the passwords, click Manage Saved Passwords . You will receive a list of all your saved passwords. Passwords will be hidden with an asterisk. To see them, click the Show link .

Opera will ask you for your Windows login password. This is a nice security measure that Opera recently added.

After you enter it, you will be shown the password.

This is where you manage and delete your saved passwords by pressing “x”. When Opera prompts you to save your password, if you click never, your password will not be saved and the site will be added to the Never saved passwords list . You can also delete any URLs saved in this list. When finished, click the Finish button.

Although Opera stores passwords encrypted, if you don’t want to use Opera’s built-in password manager, you can use some desktop password manager or online password managers to save your passwords.

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