How to use the Feedback app on Windows 10

The new build of Windows 10 – build number 10525 – contains a new app called Feedback . It can be used to send feedback to the Windows 10 team. It can also be used to report problems to the Windows 10 team. You can also view what other users are posting as feature requests.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Windows 10 Feedback app, you can set your PC to receive Insider Builds. This will download updates that have yet to be tested by the masses and you might run into some bugs. I won’t suggest using Insider Builds on your regular computer, but if you want to do it anyway, here’s how to enable Insider Builds on Windows 10.

Feedback app in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Feedback app can be launched in the following two ways:

  1. Click on the window icon to open the Start menu
  2. Click All Apps
  3. Scroll down to W
  4. Look for Windows Feedback
  5. Click on Windows Feedback to launch it

Another method is to enter Windows Feedback into a text box on the Windows 10 taskbar. This will show Windows Feedback up Apps among other results. Click on the Windows Feedback app to launch it.

What the Windows 10 Feedback app does

As stated earlier, you can use the Windows 10 Feedback app to see what other users are asking for as features, other users’ complaints about specific issues, and add and submit your feedback, suggestions, or complaints to the Windows 10 team. get no response in person, the Windows 10 team can take note of your suggestion or feedback if it’s pretty good. The Windows 10 team will also be forced to address the issue if it gets a lot of votes.

Anyway, going back to how to use the Windows 10 Feedback app, here’s how to use it.

View feedback, suggestions and complaints from others

When you open the Feedback app, you will be presented with feedback, suggestions, and complaints from other users. By default, the sort order will be based on the most popular topics, that is, users viewing similar topics.

You can select categories in the left pane to view reviews and suggestions for that category. For example, if you want to make a complaint or suggest a feature for Edge, you can check if such a complaint or request to be added to a Windows 10 team has been submitted. In this case, you should click on Edge. The right pane will return to the list of suggestions, complaints, or feature requests from other users. Review them or use the search box to see if there is already a request or message that is similar to what you have in mind. If it’s not there, you can leave your own suggestion, feedback, or feature request. Just click the Add New Feedback button at the bottom of the Feedback right pane of the application. You will get a page with a text box where you can enter whatever you want. Then you will need to select a category and subcategory for the text you entered. This will help narrow down your search results for other users, as well as direct your feedback to the right person in the Windows 10 development team.

Vote on a similar review

If what you want to say is already in the Windows Feedback app, you don’t need to create a new suggestion or feedback. You can simply click on a suggestion or feedback to open it and then click Upvote. Remember that problems with a lot of votes will have a higher priority, so it makes no sense to create a separate feedback post that may not get a lot of votes.

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