How to schedule a Facebook post for an important date?

Facebook is a huge social network, with a large number of users and functions; That is why it has become one of the most popular to date. In fact, being a network used by many businesses, it has special functions such as scheduling a publication to be uploaded automatically. Exactly how to do this will be told below.

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  1. What to keep in mind before scheduling a post on Facebook?
    1. Scheduling takes your time zone into account
  2. What are the steps to schedule a post within Facebook for free?
    1. From a Windows PC or Mac
    2. On a cell phone with Android or iOS system
  3. How do you edit a scheduled post on this social network?

What to keep in mind before scheduling a post on Facebook?

Scheduling publications is extremely beneficial, this because it can save a great amount of time when making publications. However, it is important to consider a few details before doing so. Next, one of them will be mentioned, and the reason for its need will be explained.

Scheduling takes your time zone into account

Before clicking on the schedule button in Creator Studio , which is Facebook’s scheduling tool, something very important must be taken into account: the time zone. Because the audience we want to address may not be in the same time zone we are in, we must assign it carefully so that the audience can see the post comfortably.

What are the steps to schedule a post within Facebook for free?

Scheduling posts is not difficult, quite the opposite. This can be done from unofficial applications, such as Metricool or Hootsuite. However, it is best to do it from the Facebook advertising tool: Creator Studio in the case of computers, and Facebook Business Suite in the case of mobile devices.

Now, there is also something important to say before we begin: these tools only work for scheduling posts for fan pages , not for personal Facebook accounts . Therefore, it is necessary to have a page connected to be able to log in and schedule a publication. But, now it will be said exactly what is the procedure for programming.

From a Windows PC or Mac

To be able to make a publication schedule from a Windows computer or a Mac, the first thing to do is go to the Creator Studio page . To do this, you have to write those two words in the browser, and enter the tool. Once there, you will log in with our Facebook account to which our fan page is linked .

Having linked our account, you will have to go to the top of the screen, where you can find the icon of the Facebook application. Being in this section, you will be able to have a green button in the upper left corner of the screen that says “Create”; by clicking on it you can create a new publication .

Now, to be able to program it, you have to go to the lower right corner of the dialog box that will have opened, and click on the arrow next to the publish button. There you must select the option “Schedule publication” , select the date of the post and then click on “Schedule”. By doing this everything will be ready.

On a cell phone with Android or iOS system

Scheduling posts from an Android or iOS device is also easy, but the process is different. First you have to download the Facebook Business Suite app . When you do that, you must again log in with the account that the fan page has. Having done this, you must click on the “more” button at the bottom center of the screen.

Then the publication can be easily created. When you do this, click on ‘Next’ in the upper right and select the scheduling option to choose the day and time. Then the ‘Program’ will be pressed and that’s it . As you can see, this is nothing to write home about, rather it is a process that allows you to even edit the scheduled publications.

How do you edit a scheduled post on this social network?

Having scheduled a publication it is possible to edit it. To do this you simply have to go to the ‘Prepublished’ section , on the left side, and enter ‘All’. There you have to find the publication in question and select the option, ‘Edit publication’ if you want to change something in the post, or ‘Reschedule’ if you want to move the automatic publication to another day.

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