How to create a Facebook Fanpage to connect with followers?

Fanpage is a new Facebook function which is about allowing its users to have contact with fans of another category, as the name implies, a Facebook function that is created for the use of fans, but you can also promote companies. To use this, below, we will give you everything you need to do.

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  1. What is needed on Facebook if I want to make a Fanpage?
    1. Company data
    2. Image quality requirements
  2. What methods are there to make a Fanpage on Facebook?
    1. From the app
    2. Entering the website
  3. How long will the page take to share it on this social network?
  4. Why is the Fanpage not yet available on Facebook?

What is needed on Facebook if I want to make a Fanpage?

Fanpage is a place on Facebook where you can find people with the same ideals through groups, the only requirement is that you have an account open on the Facebook social network . The regulations that you have to abide by in all Facebook programs will continue, so you must respect everything in it.

Company data

To enter a Fanpage you must be clear about the data of said company to enter, before using this function you must have the name to be able to use the search.

Image quality requirements

Fanpage gives you a mandatory image requirement, this section is extremely necessary and vital to approve the creation of the function properly. Otherwise, Facebook will not allow you to enter the document to the function. If you have an image and it does not meet the guidelines, you can modify the image .

What methods are there to make a Fanpage on Facebook?

Creating a Fanpage is very simple, you can start using it from your account right now , you just have to follow the following steps depends on where you access it from, either from the application or by entering the website.

From the app

  1. The first move you must make is to enter the application of the social network.
  2. Now you must start the section by adding your profile data to enter it.
  3. After being on the main page you must go to settings, this is indicated with three lines.
  4. Here you will find a series of options that the social network provides you to configure your user or the application, now you must click on the Pages section. Its symbol is indicated by a flag.
  5. When you enter Pages, you will have the possibility to create a Fanpage. By clicking on this option you must enter the name of your new page.
  6. Now, you must indicate what nationality you are.
  7. By doing this, you will only have to configure your Fanpage to your liking. In addition, you will have to indicate which category will be the one that your page will have.
  8. Then, you just have to choose a profile photo, which will be seen by everyone who enters your page. You can also enter cover photo.
  9. You have the possibilities of making your page private, you just have to enter settings and set this option there.
  10. Finally, you will have created your page, you will only have to click on accept its policiesand start creating content for all the people you want to see it. Try to make your posts perfect so that your users like them and gain more followers.

Entering the website

  1. Enter Facebook from your browser, enter your account information.
  2. Being on the main page, go to App settings.
  3. In this list, the Pages option will appear, this is where you must enter, since this is where you will create your Fanpage.
  4. After entering this option, you must click on create a Fanpage.
  5. Now enter the name, categories of the page, country of origin and other data that you have to specify to the function.
  6. Having already entered all these data, you must start the creation accepting the policies that you will have to respect, read them in detail so that you do not violate any of them.
  7. Done, you got your page, now just go create your profile photo, cover photo and your new content.

How long will the page take to share it on this social network?

If you have created a Fanpage you can share them on your social networks at the time of its creation , you just have to go to share and that’s it.

Why is the Fanpage not yet available on Facebook?

It may be that at the time of having your Fanpage you have some problem and you cannot access it, these are some of the reasons why this happens:

  • You have violated the rules of the page: When creating a Fanpage you must comply with the necessary requirements to be here, if you cannot access it, it may happen because you did not comply with the regulations. One of these cases is if you bought followers , this is one of the most frequent page closure scenarios.
  • The application has a problem: If your entry to Fanpage is unsuccessful or does not appear, it may be due to page problems, you can try to close it and reopen it to see if this solves the problem. If you don’t have any results, reboot the device. Since there is no solution with these procedures, it tries to delete and download the application again.
  • System error:If the access to Fanpage is null, it may be due to a problem with the App. Try to see if some other user happens the same, if so, look for a solution with the Application.
  • You published something improper:Your publications must maintain acceptable content, that is, they must not be a reason for harassment or disadvantage to any person or user.
  • Your account has been reported many times:Facebook allows its users to report accounts when their content does not appear pleasant. When a page receives multiple reports from different users, it is a reason for it to be closed or blocked.
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