How to save passwords in Windows 10

Technology has come into our lives to facilitate it. Unfortunately it turns out that now we must deal with codes and passwords to access our computers. To access what you want without any problem, it is best to use a password manager. Here you will learn how to save and manage passwords in Windows 10 using Keeper!

To speak of Keeper is to refer to a password manager for business and personal use . A strong opponent for other market competitors such as LastPass and 1Password. Or even an alternative to managing passwords with KeePass.

What is Keeper and how does it work?

Keeper is an application that makes it possible to manage our passwords. Or any sensitive information to access accounts and computers, in a reliable and secure manner, providing a technology protected against possible hacker attacks.

This password manager, available in Windows 10 editions just by downloading the application through Windows Store. It employs a zero-knowledge security structure, with a high level of certification, as it is constantly audited. Hence the importance of managing passwords in Windows 10 using Keeper.

Keeper has the advantage that it offers applications for PCs, laptops, cell phones and browsers. Its password storage capacity is unlimited and the power to deploy it on all the devices you have or whose use is shared. An additional advantage is that it is not necessary to remember each of the passwords, as these can be managed from with a single password.

How to save and manage passwords in Windows 10 using Keeper?

The first thing to do to manage passwords in Windows 10 using Keeper is to access its main site and register on the platform using an email. Any other registration process is similar, such as registering or creating a Microsoft account.

For this , a password or master password must be used , as secure as possible, as well as registering a secret question and answer. Once this registration is completed, it is now possible to access an online store.

At first glance, the user will appreciate that the interface of this online password manager is very simple. It has, on the left side, a menu where the main sections are, a summary of the account in the upper strip and the center reserved for the tickets to be added.

Keeper allows, not only to save our passwords reliably and securely in the cloud, but also offers other advantages, starting with the possibility of storing other sensitive information in encrypted form, such as, for example, bank details, telephone keys, and others. files that we consider necessary to secure.

Keeper main features

Keeper’s user interface is compatible for computers, Smartphone, regardless of whether they use any version of the Android or iOS operating system . It can be implemented quickly and easily, also without additional installation or equipment costs. Here we show you the main advantages of Keeper.

It allows you to secure all the sensitive information you want to remember, using a master password. It makes it possible to protect an unlimited number of passwords and encryption.

It offers a strong password generator. Contains the ability to easily and securely share passwords with other users.

The use of the cloud allows access to sensitive information at any time and from any device in a safe and reliable way. It offers the alternative of configuring a self-destructing system .

Is Keeper totally safe?

As it is a very sensitive tool for the security of users , in addition to showing you how to save and manage passwords in Windows 10 using Keeper, we offer you additional information about this password manager and the controversy that arose from attacks of various kinds about its alleged vulnerability .

The fact that it is offered in a pre-established way in Windows 10, makes it even more sensitive material to the attacks of the critic. The fact that Keeper is a third-party password management software does not entirely evade or exonerate the giant Microsoft from responsibilities in its management .

An investigation by Project Cero, carried out by Tavis Ormandy, a security project supported by Google, would have detected, apparently, a significant vulnerability in Keeper’s protection management. If so, the amount of information that could be at the mercy of hackers is unthinkable.


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