How to save drafts to gallery on my TikTok?

The TikTok application allows you to record the videos you want, you can also add various filters , music, effects, and others, you will even be able to generate money just by uploading short videos to this platform, but in addition to that you can also save them on your device, just configure the App and see that you have the option to ‘Save to device’.

Now, you can also configure ‘Who can see your video’ and from there click on ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ to save it on your device, if you want to know more we have gathered the best ways to save a TikTok video without that you publish it.

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  1. How do you know if people can see your TikTok drafts?
  2. How to share your TikTok videos only to your friends and family?
    1. Publish it privately
  3. How to save TikTok videos to your gallery without posting them?
    1. With the screenshot tool
  4. What is the way to save a TikTok video without the watermark?

How do you know if people can see your TikTok drafts?

Well, you will be able to know this just by looking at your profile , and of course noticing how it has been interacted with because once it is public, anyone can give it ‘like’, comment, share or simply you will see what views it has Dyed.

That is why you should review your published videos, this will be as simple as entering your profile, and it will also help you to delete those drafts that will no longer serve you .

How to share your TikTok videos only to your friends and family?

To only share with your friends and family you have to enter the application from your mobile, then record the Tik Tok by giving it the ‘+’ icon and then put the filters and effects you want, to later add a description that you can change to make the profile, hashtags, labels, some privacy option more attractive and of course then configure the Tik Tok.

You just have to click on ‘Who can see this video’ choose the options you want, such as ‘Public’, ‘Friends’ or simply click on ‘Private’ you can choose the option of friends and voila!

Publish it privately

If you are wondering how to save your videos privately without publishing, you can do it just by selecting the option. Although for the Tik Tok to be stored on your phone you will have to publish it, but if you do it privately, no one will be able to see it, now how to do it? There you will have to choose the ‘Private’ option found under ‘Who can see my video’.

How to save TikTok videos to your gallery without posting them?

Saving a video without publishing it will be impossible , since the only option to ‘not publish it’ will be that you mark the option of ‘Private’ because otherwise it will not be possible or reasonable, now, how do you do it? We will tell you!

  • Configure the option that tells you who can see your video.
  • Go from ‘public’ to ‘private’ in addition to this you have to have the option of ‘Gallery’ checkedso that you can have your video in the gallery without problem.

The TikTok drafts will be saved in your gallery, but you can also find it in the application, entering and leaving your profile and in the section with six vertical stripes there will be the option of ‘Drafts’ here you will find those videos that you have not uploaded. Surely you wonder how to upload a draft video and edit it on your mobile? Well, you just have to select it and you can edit it and then upload it to your profile.

To save the videos in drafts you have to configure the option to choose who will be able to see your video, you can also from public to private to be able to archive the configuration on your phone, then it is clear that you must configure so that they are saved in the gallery .

Which you will achieve by clicking on the menu of the three points and choosing ‘download’ so that it is saved in the Gallery of your mobile. We remind you that you can also find and recover your TikTok drafts very easily, which you can do even from within the app as well as with external tools, that will be easy.

With the screenshot tool

If you use the screen capture or in its effect, the screen recording can also have the video at your disposal without uploading it, although of course, the quality will be lower than if you do what we have told you.

What is the way to save a TikTok video without the watermark?

You can use various programs, one of what we recommend the most is ‘MusicallyDow’ which allows you to download the video you have recorded on TikTok . You just have to copy the link, enter the official website of MusicallyDown , paste the link and wait for it to be analyzed, then you must click on ‘DOWNLOAD’.

Now, if you don’t know how to copy the link of a video on TikTok then you have to go to ‘share’ which is located on the right side of any video, you just have to press ‘other’ and then, you have to click on ‘copy’, you will already have the link copied. We also recommend ‘SSSTikTok’  which is a website where you can enter and press ‘Without watermark’ this will make the video download without a watermark.


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