How to Make Drafts on TikTok

In this article we will talk about Tiktok Drafts , also seeing how we can make one, delete them, recover them and more. TikTok has quickly positioned itself among the fastest growing and most popular social networks, making us all want to create an account on Tik Tok .

With the passing of its updates and versions, TikTok has been adding more functions , one of these being the drafts, which are the main topic of this article. Without further ado, let’s see all about these.

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  1. Are TikTok drafts saved automatically?
  2. Where can I find the drafts of my videos?
  3. What elements can I add to my videos in editing?
  4. Can I delete a draft that I didn’t like?
  5. If I uninstall Tiktok, will the drafts be lost?
  6. How to recover a TikTok draft that you mistakenly deleted
  7. The famous TikTok videos
  8. Can I draft my TikTok videos and edit them later?
  9. How to edit my saved videos on TikTok?

Are TikTok drafts saved automatically?

No, the saving of these must be done manually , similar to as if we wanted to set up a TikTok. In case you still have doubts, the best thing is to answer another common question about how to have videos for ourselves and that is How do I draft on TikTok? to do them we have to:

  • Enter the TikTok mobile application and make one, going through the video editing and at the end, click on next.
  • There he will tell us ‘Who can see this video?’ so we have to press ‘private’
  • Then, we will have the option of ‘Drafts’at the bottom of the screen.

Following these steps we can make a draft on TikTok, a function that allows us to plan and be more prepared to upload content to this social network.

Where can I find the drafts of my videos?

Easy, we can find these directly on our TikTok profile. We will be able to identify them because the drafts bring at first sight a mark that says “Draft” . At first we could get confused looking at our profile, but we can use them precisely to better organize their appearance, doing trial and error.

What elements can I add to my videos in editing?

In the first instance, when creating a new TikTok we only have the video recording without any editing, but this application precisely allows us to edit our videos , giving room to different functions and elements that add great appeal to the application. Part of these are:

  • Filters of all kinds, change the background behind us, change the tone of our voice and face, add people etc.
  • We have the possibility of introducing more videos to the publication, with which we have more scope for creativity in the creation of content.
  • In turn, we can add text to the video that passes, being used to describe situations, refer to places or simply give a description within the video.
  • Narrating a video is also possible, having as an option to record a voice superimposed on the video.

These are some of the most used elements in video editing. Each one has a large number of versions , especially with regard to filters, since it would take us too much to cover each of those that exist in the social network.

Can I delete a draft that I didn’t like?

Indeed, in the event that a draft has gone wrong, we missed adding an effect or we just like how it looks. Like we have the option of deleting it , so with these simple steps can do it.

  • We enter our TikTok and press the drafts that we want to delete.
  • By leaving them pressed we will get the option to delete it.

If I uninstall Tiktok, will the drafts be lost?

As with the photos and other data in our TikTok account, everything is in the cloud of the social network, being available to see it on any device that we log in . So no, we can safely uninstall TikTok because our drafts will still be there.

How to recover a TikTok draft that you mistakenly deleted

It is very common for us to accidentally remove something by trying to delete something, happening on TikTok. Some users deleted drafts that were not, but luckily we have the option to recover them . With these steps you can recover them, being an easy procedure for anyone.

  • We go to our profile and we ‘tap’ the points found in the upper right part of our screen.
  • Once we are there we enter ‘Privacy and security’ to later open where it says ‘Personalization and data’.
  • There we will have the option to download all our data, including the drafts that we have had on TikTok. The application release take less than a week.

The famous TikTok videos

It is an application where videos of any kind are uploaded . The most famous are challenge or challenges, jokes or with a sense of humor, tutorial or explanatory videos, those that teach us a cooking recipe and many more. Many times we want to record a video on TikTok and at the time of doing so, the following is to cut and edit the video, put some effect or filter, coordinate the music and the text that is going to be added; Anyway, making a video in TikToK is very simple.

Recording and editing a TikTok video may sound super easy and simple to do. He always takes his time to coordinate with the audio or place the texts and letters to the videos . All this in order to make our videos stand out, be the best and most viewed on TikTok.

Let’s not forget to add the hashtag to position our video on TikTok so that many people can see and share it.  In all that process of recording and editing a TikTok video like a professional, we may be presented with cases in which we are cut off from inspiration to complete and upload the video and we have to pause the editing process, so the platform has the option to leave our video in “drafts” to be able to complete it at another time that we have the chance.

Can I draft my TikTok videos and edit them later?

When you edit a TikTok video and you don’t publish it immediately after finishing it and close the application, the video will be saved in drafts. What are the said videos not published in the App.

If your question is, if you can edit a video saved in the app’s drafts, your answer is that it can be done. It is very easy to do so and in this way you can edit the video as you wish before publishing it on the network.

How to edit my saved videos on TikTok?

To be able to edit a video that is in the drafts, what you must do is go “back” and the videos that are saved in draft will appear. It will be a kind of menu and here you can edit your video, adding the effects, filters, text and musical background that you like.

In this way we can witness a good TikTok video worthy of many likes, comments and views . If you edit and process a good video, it will become a very popular video and they may even be able to share your videos on other social networks and get many more followers.

Once your famous video has been edited, you will have the possibility to upload it and publish it immediately on the network and it will appear on your profile along with the other videos. There is also the possibility that you can save your video in the gallery to give it the use you want later or share it on different social networks. The option to download the videos already published on TikTok is one of the best tools, since that way we can share them wherever we want or we can send them to our friends and family.

Editing a video on TikTok is very easy, although we know that as everything takes time, but once you start recording videos it will become easier and easier. Remember that with the option to save the videos in draft, you will have more chances to edit your videos calmly or edit them when you have a chance available.


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