How to sanitize the car

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to give you some advice (always valid) to disinfect the interior of the car and keep them clean , considering that it is one of the places where many people spend the most time.

Here’s how to sanitize your car.

How to sanitize the car: useful products

The car interior must always be a healthy environment because we often spend a lot of time there: an accumulation of viral agents of various kinds puts your health at risk, so it is important to protect yourself with suitable detergents.

Attention to details: first of all, we remind you that the best products to sanitize are always those classified as a Medical Surgical Device (N ° 19440), because they are specially designed and guarantee maximum disinfection.

Always pay attention to the type of detergent you choose, read the labels carefully and for greater safety try it first in a hidden corner: this is the only way to ensure that it will not ruin plastics and interiors, ruining the car forever.

How to sanitize the car: the methods

Here’s how to sanitize the car : a quick method is certainly to use disinfectant and sanitizing wipes , perfect for both you and the car, especially in those points of high contact with your hands that are a vehicle of germs and bacteria.

Think of all the points you touch most, it is precisely on these that we advise you to pass the sanitizing wipes: steering wheel, gearbox, buttons of the infotainment system and handles, both internal and external.

Use of the auto sanitizing spray

A valid support, which however requires a little more time, are the car sanitizing sprays : real germicidal disinfectants, they are used in the passenger compartment and in the air conditioning ducts of all vehicles. The application of these cleaners is quick and within everyone’s reach, but once you use the spray it is good to ventilate the vehicle, which is why they take longer.

How to sanitize the car: little tricks

Do not forget that cleaning the surfaces is not enough : if you do not also take care of replacing the filters, these procedures will not be sufficient to guarantee a clean environment.

In the event that you are unable to purchase new filters, or you cannot take the car to a professional to change them, there is an alternative: you can in fact opt ​​for special sanitizers, free to purchase and easy to find.

These detergents disinfect the air conditioning system in the best possible way, destroying deposits (organic and inorganic) that can be deposited; they contain non-ionic and cationic surfactants which, in synergy, soften and remove the dirt present on the evaporator and in the air ducts. Using these products you eliminate bacteria, impurities and even annoying odors.

In short, as you have read, to better sanitize your car you must proceed both with the careful cleaning of the surfaces and of all those parts that are not seen with the naked eye : a great way to preserve your health and that of your passengers.


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