How to clean the car muffler

Ensuring the maximum efficiency of the car muffler is very important: to do so, here’s how to clean it correctly , both internally and externally.

Read also what the car muffler is for and how it works .

Car muffler: the tools for cleaning

The first step in cleaning the muffler is to disassemble it : in some cases a very deep cleaning will not be required and you can therefore clean it with a common degreaser detergent.

In the most “serious” cases, to take care of cleaning the car muffler you must first of all get the right tools and materials:

  • sandpaper P80, P150, P220, P600 or P1200
  • abrasive paste
  • rags
  • sodium hydroxide
  • cork to close the ends
  • hot water
  • small bolts

The procedure is simple, here’s how to clean the encrusted car muffler .

How to clean encrusted car muffler

Slightly heat the muffler being very careful and start cleaning by scratching its belly with sandpaper; at this point, pass the abrasive paste and it will be as good as new.

Now you will have to clean it internally with caustic soda: be careful to take all precautions! Wear an apron, gloves and especially protective glasses.

Now you can dilute the caustic soda with hot water, close one end of the muffler with the cap and then fill it (halfway): it is at this stage that you will also have to insert small bolts. Now shake it, so the encrustations will come off better.

Why clean the muffler

The cleaning of the muffler is important for the functioning and wont to ensure maximum efficiency: it is precisely in the inner belly that accumulate dirt, debris and residues that may otturarla.


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