How to return an iPhone to the store

The question posed in the title worries very, very many. After all, the iPhone is extremely expensive. Therefore, people want to know what will happen if a smartphone worth under 100 thousand rubles simply does not come to them. Will they be able to return back their money paid for it in order to buy something else in return. On the one hand, it would be convenient. But there is no unequivocally positive answer to this question. So, you need to figure out how and what works here, what are the rules and whether there are loopholes.

By law, you can’t return an iPhone to a store, but there are loopholes.By default, most of the goods sold in Russia can be returned to the seller within 14 days from the date of purchase if they did not suit you in color, size or style. To do this, according to the provisions of the consumer protection law, it is not even necessary to have a receipt. But the iPhone, like any other smartphone, belongs to the category of technically sophisticated goods , which are the exception to this rule. The only reason on which they can be handed over is a breakdown due to the fault of the manufacturer. Simply put, a manufacturing defect.

Return of goods of proper quality

That is, wherever you bought your iPhone and no matter how you paid for it, the seller is not obliged to accept it for a return . Another thing is that quite often large retail chains meet the buyer halfway and take the smartphone back. Someone agrees to issue an iPhone return just like that, someone insists that you buy a replacement in the same store, but often you have to endure a refusal. That is, there is no single rule here and there will not be. It all depends on the seller you contact, on the loyalty of the director of this particular store, etc.

The iPhone, like any other smartphone, is a technically complex commodity. But quite often retail chains meet halfway and accept returns.

To be honest, I’m not sure if the fact that the unit will be packaged will increase your chances of getting returned. I would rather assume the opposite. In the end, the seller himself is unlikely to dare to open it, and an open package will at least allow him to make sure that the device is really in working order inside. But an opened package and an activated iPhone are not the same thing at all. If you nevertheless activated the purchased smartphone, the likelihood that it will not be accepted back is much higher than if you bring an unactivated but printed device.

If a store doesn’t accept an iPhone , don’t be surprised: it’s okay. The seller is simply reinsured in case the box is not what was sold, or not in the condition in which it was sold. But there is a way out of the situation – to hand over the iPhone to Apple . The only condition is to buy it on the official website of the company. This will be a qualifying factor that will determine whether your smartphone is accepted back or not. That is, buying an iPhone at M.Video and then sending it to Apple will not work. Consider this.

How to return an iPhone to the store

Apple has no problem accepting returns, demonstrating customer loyalty. You can even send her an already activated device. It doesn’t matter if you used it or not. The main thing is that the device is in perfect condition with no signs of exploitation. And all sorts of little things like a film removed from the screen or torn seals from the packaging are not considered. Refunds will be accepted anyway. Especially now, in the pre-New Year period. At this time, the iPhone can be returned not only within 14 days, but even until January 20. That is, if you order the device now, regardless of the model, it will be possible to use it for as much as 2.5 months.

Apple is guaranteed to take the iPhone back. And in the pre-New Year period – it also increases the return period

To return an iPhone purchased from Apple, you need:

  • Collect the entire iPhone package and fold it into the included box;
  • Call 8-800-333-51-73 Customer Support;
  • State the order number, address, telephone number and time for collection of the return;
  • Receive a return code, which must be indicated on the package of the parcel (delivered by a courier);
  • Transfer the goods to the courier, receive a tracking code and expect a return.

It is very important that the returned item is in new device condition. This criterion does not include any scratches, chips or burrs on the smartphone body. If any are found, the return may not be accepted. But, if everything is in order, when the shipment arrives at the Apple warehouse, the company will process and return your funds. They will be credited to the bank account from which the payment was made within 3-10 business days, depending on your bank serving the plastic card.

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