6 iPhone features you never use

The owners of Android smartphones often scold the iPhone: they say, it is too expensive a device and there is no point in it. After all, for the same money you can buy a good Android smartphone, which is in no way inferior. But you and I understand everything perfectly: the iPhone has a lot of nice little things, from which a convenient iOS is formed. In any case, it’s never too late to learn about new iPhone features that you did not know about before or simply did not use. Found some interesting iPhone features for you that you might not have used or didn’t know at all.

Here are some cool tricks you might not have known about


  • 1Flash notifications iOS 15
  • 2How to hide a photo on an iPhone
  • 3Shazam in Control Center
  • 4Rain Sounds iOS 15
  • 5Translating to iOS 15
  • 6Safari Wallpaper

Flash notifications iOS 15

We have already talked more than once about the Focus feature in iOS 15, which turns off notifications depending on the selected plan, sending them in the form of a summary at a specific time. This not only allows you to focus on your work, but also significantly reduces battery consumption. Those who have switched to iOS 15 have probably noticed that the system offers to make some notifications urgent. I noticed this myself and decided to try it.

Notifications can be made urgent so you don’t miss something important

The whole point is that these push notifications will come regardless of “Focus”, so that you can view the essentials and do not miss the unnecessary. For example, it is very convenient to activate them on applications for calling a taxi, so as not to accidentally spoil the arrival of the car. Plus, they’ll stay on the locked screen for an hour. You can activate this feature in the notification settings or on the lock screen, but not yet in all applications.

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How to hide a photo on an iPhone

Readers of our Telegram chat often ask how to hide a photo on an iPhone . There are different situations in life when it is necessary. There is no desire to delete a picture in order to restore it again later. A handy feature in iOS comes to the rescue.

Hide photos on iOS. I am sure it will come in handy for many

  • Open the snapshot;
  • Click “Share”;
  • Scroll to Hide and select it.

Your image will now be in the Hidden folder. By the way, the folder itself can also be hidden from prying eyes.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select “Photo”;
  • Turn on the slider to display the folder in Photos;
  • Turn it off so it isn’t there.

Подписывайтесь на наш Яндекс.Дзен: пишем о том, о чем еще никто не знает!

Shazam in Control Center

I noticed that many people I know still open the Shazam app to find out what track is playing. But it’s much easier to identify a song by opening Control Center.

All your shazams by long pressing on the icon

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select Control Center;
  • Add Music Recognition with Shazam icon.

Open Control Center and click on the icon when you need to recognize the track. It’s much faster than scouring the screen looking for an app.

In addition, you can view a list of tracks that you shazamil, but, for example, forgot to add. Just hold the Shazam icon in Control Center and your search history will open for you. There will be everything you’ve been looking for all along with this feature.

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Rain Sounds iOS 15

I’ve been using iOS 15 for over a month now , but I find something new and interesting in it almost every day. For example, today I found a cool feature called Background Sounds. Why is it needed? To make your life a little better!

Choose any sound, and also turn it on when watching content

  • Go to Settings;
  • Enter in the search “Background sounds”;
  • Select Background Sounds from the AV menu.

Move the slider to enable nature sounds on iPhone.

You can choose not only the sound that the iPhone will play, but also its volume. The function itself can be turned on when watching movies or listening to music . To do this, activate the slider “Use when playing content”. This is a completely new experience: try it!

Что такое обменный Айфон и стоит ли его покупать

Translating to iOS 15

Moving around the world is still quite problematic. Many simply do not risk doing this, but because of the foreign language sags. For example, English. Abroad, we can communicate freely, but over time the skill is lost. IOS 15 just updated the Translation app so you can improve your English – it’s much faster. And for those who want to learn more new words from native speakers, we added a face-to-face feature in the “Communication” tab.

The screen unfolds in both directions to make it easier to translate phrases

You just need to place the iPhone between you and the interlocutor, and the screen will unfold in both directions, so that you can understand each other, receiving simultaneous translation. The phrases you like can be added to Favorites to pry from time to time. It seems that now you definitely will not lose your vocabulary.

Safari Wallpaper

We talked about extensions in Safari , but the browser can be customized in another way – set the wallpaper on the main screen from the list of suggested ones or choose your own picture.

Safari is much more enjoyable than ever before

  • Open a new tab and scroll to the bottom of the page;
  • Click “Change”;
  • Turn on the Background Image function. Choose from the standard ones or add your own wallpapers.

This makes the browser much more interesting than just a white or black background.

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