How to restore Google on mobile devices

How to restore Google on mobile devices . For a few days, you are experiencing problems in a Google application on your smartphone: sometimes it stops abnormally, other times it does not perform its functions properly. You tried to delete it, but noticed that the problem was not resolved and therefore probably data remained in memory that could continue to cause a malfunction.

At this point, you really wish you could solve the problem without resorting to a smartphone reset, but you don’t know how. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to restore Google on mobile devices showing all the procedures that must be performed to restore Google applications on Android and iOS and the steps to follow to restore data from a Google account on the device.

Index of contents

  • How to restore Google on mobile devices on Android
    • Restore the Google home page
    • Restore Google apps
    • Restore a Google app with root
    • Restore Google account
  • How to restore Google on mobile devices on iOS
    • Restore the Google home page
    • Restore Google apps
    • Restore Google account

How to restore Google on mobile devices on Android

If you need to restore Google on Android , in the following paragraphs I will show you some suggestions to follow to solve the most common problems in applications.

In addition to this, I will also indicate the procedures to be carried out to restore a Google account in which you have synchronized your smartphone data.

Restore the Google home page

If you no longer see the Google website as the home page when starting Google Chrome , you can restore everything in a few simple steps.

First, launch the Google Chrome application , which you find pre-installed on your smartphone, and tap the  ) icon , located in the upper right corner.

From the context menu, tap the settings and tap the Home page wording . In the new screen you see, make sure you move the lever upwards ON and that, under the heading Open this page , the site is indicated

If you had to read a different website, press Open this page and, in the text field, enter , confirming the procedure with the Save button .

Now, on the main screen, by pressing the icon with the symbol of a house , located in the upper left, you can access the main page of the well-known search engine.

If when opening Google Chrome it does not show the initial page you configured, it is probably because you have several tabs open, which memorize the last of your searches.

You can close them by tapping the icon with the symbol of a square and a number inside , located in the upper right corner.

You can move the different tabs with a vertical slide on the screen and close them by simply pressing the button with the icon (X) that you find in the upper right corner of each one of them.

Restore Google apps

If you have problems with pre-installed Google apps, the only solution available is to restore them to the original factory version .

In fact, most Google apps cannot be uninstalled from an Android smartphone, unless you own root permissions, which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

To perform this operation, go to the smartphone settings , using the icon with a gear symbol located on the home screen.

Touch the Application item and scroll through the list of all the applications installed on the device, until you find the one you recently had problems with.

After finding it, tap on it, then click on the disable button and confirm the operation by pressing the Disable application item , on the screen that appears. Then press the accept button  on the prompt you see on the screen and the application will be replaced with the factory version.

In addition to this, press on memory and press the two buttons Clear data and Clear cache , to make sure you have deleted all the application data. With this procedure, you have not uninstalled the application, you have simply returned it to its original version, without all the information that had been saved up to that point.

Now is the time to update the application. Open the Play Store , through its icon (the symbol of an inverted colored triangle ), which you will find on the home screen. Click on the i icon (  ) located in the upper left and from the menu choose My apps and my games.

From the updates card , press the refresh button , corresponding to the Google application to be restored, or press the Update all button .

By doing this, you will have performed a clean install of the application in the last update, with the possibility that the problems you previously encountered have been resolved.

Restore a Google app with root

The procedure that I showed you in the previous paragraph is valid both in devices with root and in those without them. If the smartphone has root permissions , you can follow another process, which involves uninstalling the application and, therefore, its subsequent installation.

To perform this operation, you can use the Terminal Emulator application for Android , available for free on the Play Store. Install the application by pressing the install button , its Accept and finally, opening .

Once the application has started, you will be shown a black screen with a terminal, where you will have to go to type commands. First, then type the in command , followed by the Enter button on the keyboard, to assign root permissions to the terminal. Now, type the word debloat and hit the Enter button.

After a few seconds, you will see the menu items, which will be selected using the numbers or letters displayed on the side. Enter the value 1 , to see the list of system applications (System Applications ) and wait for the list of all applications pre-installed on the device to return.

Now scroll through the screen, identify the number corresponding to the application you want to remove and type it in the terminal, confirming the procedure with the Enter button . Then type the letter Y > Enter to return to the main menu.

Write the value 0 and confirm again with Enter.  By restarting the phone, you will be able to verify that the Google app you chose has been removed.

If, following the procedure that I have indicated in the previous lines, you should still find the Google application on the home screen, follow the suggestions given in the previous paragraph, which will take you this time to its complete uninstallation.

To install it, search for the name of the Google application in the Google Play Store search bar , whose icon has the symbol of an inverted colored triangle on the home screen, and press the install button and open .

I recommend that you do not uninstall important Google applications such as the Play Store or Google Services which, if removed, could cause the Android operating system to malfunction.

Restore Google account

All information related to smartphone settings, application data and other data that can be restored in the event of a device restart. However, this backup feature must first be enabled on the phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform a Google account recovery operation.

To verify what was said in the previous lines, open  Android settings , using the icon with the symbol of a gear that you find on the home screen and touch the items account > google and then select the Google account . In the new screen you see, make sure to move all the levers to the ON position .

Now press the back button , until you return to the main Android settings screen and select the Backup and restore item .

So make sure the Backup my data and Automatic recovery entries have the levers set to ON and if not, move them from OFF to ON .

In this way, when restoring the smartphone, which I told you about in this guide of mine, you will be able to enter the Google Account access data and restore the information it contains: for example, you can reinstall applications or view contacts in the address book .

The restore operation takes place during the initialization phase of the device, following the procedure indicated on the screen, in the configuration wizard.

How to restore Google on mobile devices on iOS

If you want to restore Google account or application information on iPhone , you can perform some procedures that you can refer to in the following paragraphs. The advice that I will give you is quite simple and you will succeed, without a problem, in reaching your goal.

Restore the Google home page

If you want to restore Google as your browser home page , this is the most suitable section for you. In the following lines, in fact, I will show you the operations to be performed on the iPhone to set Google as the home page in safari or Google Chrome .

In safari , it is not possible to directly set a home page when opening the browser. However, you can perform two operations that can help you to achieve your goal successfully.

First, you can check if google is the browser’s search engine: to do this, start the settings application , through its icon with the symbol of a gear present on the home screen, scroll through the screen that opens, touch safari items > search engine and be sure to check google .

By performing this procedure, when you start the safari application , in the search bar at the top, you can type any term to search on Google.

Another operation you can try is to create a link on the home screen that redirects to Google each time you select it. To do this, start safari and, in the address bar, type the address .

Now, press the icon with the arrow symbol that you find in the bar at the bottom and, among the elements that appear on the screen, press the one that shows the wording Add to home .

Click add , top right and it will create an icon on the iPhone home screen that starts Safari showing directly to the Google home page.

If you use Google Chrome on iOS instead, you can restore Google as the default search engine through the app settings. Then start Google Chrome through its icon on the home screen, touch the icon (  ) found in the upper right corner and, from the context menu, select the item Settings > Search engine . Put a check mark on the google article and confirm by pressing the finish key .

With this procedure, you will have set google as the search engine, which will be used every time you search for something via the address bar at the top.

Restore Google apps

If you encounter a problem with a Google application on the iPhone, you can try to delete all the information and data on the iPhone. To do this, open the iOS settings using the icon with a gear symbol present on the home screen.

Click General > Free Space for iPhone and scroll the screen until you find the Google app you are having trouble with. Then choose Delete application , confirming the cancellation with the Delete application button .

Now you just have to open the App Store , whose icon has the symbol of a stylized “A” , and use the search bar to find the Google application you just removed. You can install it back into the phone memory by pressing the get button and finally open.

Restore Google account

On iPhone , you can add a Google account to sync certain information with it. This procedure can only be done for some data, such as mail, contacts, calendars, and notes.

To verify that each option is enabled, access the settings application (the icon with the gear symbol ) present on the iPhone home screen.

Scroll down the screen and tap Account & Password to get to the account management section on the device.

Next, click on Gmail Account and make sure the items you want to sync are set to ON . From now on, all the data in the Google account will be synced to the iPhone.

In case you have to reset an iPhone and want to restore a Google account, open the iOS settings and Account and password > Add account > google and perform the procedure shown on the screen to add a Google Account and synchronize your data .


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