How to recover Gmail password without changing it

How to recover Gmail password without changing it . Forgot your Gmail password and can’t access your email account? It’s a big problem, I know. However, you should not despair, I can give you a hand.

In the following lines, I will explain the use of a third-party tool designed specifically for this that can allow you to retrieve the login credentials of your email account registered with Google, provided that certain prerogatives are respected.

In addition to showing you how to recover your Gmail password without changing it, to complete the information and in the event that the aforementioned system is ineffective, I will explain how to access your Google email account again by changing the password associated with it.

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How to recover Gmail password without changing it step by step

It is possible to recover Gmail password without changing it, just use a third party tool – Google Password Decrypter . It is special software for Windows operating systems that precisely allows you to recover the username and password of your Google account by scanning all web browsers and messaging programs installed on your computer and extrapolating any login information detected by the latter.

But all that glitters is not gold! If, on the one hand, the use of this program is very useful to recover Gmail passwords without changing it, on the other hand, it is essential that, in order to be effective, the password of the account of interest has been saved on the computer in use. .

The software can reveal the access data of the accounts for which it was saved directly on the PC, so it is essential that you have done this in the past so that you can recover the Gmail passwords without changing them. In the event that the data referring to your Google account has never been saved on the computer, it will be practically impossible to retrieve the access credentials of the same with this software.

After you have made this necessary clarification, to use the software, the first step you need to take is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the Google Password Decrypter download page.

Click on the green download item found in content , then on the download button and on the download link that you find in the correspondence of the program name on the new web page that appears.

Wait for the software to download to your PC (if the download does not start automatically, click the Download link link on the web page that was opened in the browser) open, by double clicking on it, the newly compressed file retrieved and extract the content to any folder.

The Setup_GooglePasswordDecryptor.exe program starts, and in the window that opens, first click the next button twice in succession, then the install button and OK. When finished, click the close button to close the program installation window.

Wait a moment for the window Google Password Decrypter to open is visible on the screen (if the software does not start by itself, double-click the icon that was added to the desktop) and then click the Start Recovery button located on the top right.

If you have saved your Gmail account data on your computer, in the request column you will find the name of the program under which the password was saved in the Google account name column instead, you will find your Google account in the column password will show you the corresponding clear password.

At this point, you can say satisfied – you managed to complete the entire procedure to recover your Gmail password without changing it. If you want, you can also export the data you just obtained to a specific file. To do this, click on the report button located at the bottom right of the program window and choose the position to save everything.

Recover Gmail password

Did you use the aforementioned software in an attempt to recover Gmail passwords without changing it, but being unable to save the data in question on your computer, was it ineffective?

So why not try to follow the guided procedure proposed by Google that allows you to re-access your account but will change the related password to log in? I know, it wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but better than nothing, don’t you think?

In that case, the first step you need to take is to connect to the web page to get help with Google accounts, fill in the field shown on the screen by typing your Gmail email address and click the next button .

Continue now by entering the last password you remember associated with your account in the field below the entry Enter the last password you remember,  click the next button .

If you don’t even think of a password, go straight to the next step by clicking the I don’t know or Try another question button (the button displayed may vary depending on whether or not the one in use is a device you have already accessed in the past and based on the information you provided to Google).

Therefore, please answer the following question and / or complete the proposed action correctly (for example, indicate the date the account was created, answer your secret question, provide an alternative email address, etc.) and click on the next button .

On the new web page that will be displayed to you at this point, fill in the Create password and Confirm password fields by typing the new password you want to use for Gmail and then click the Change password button to confirm your choice and complete the procedure.

Please note that if you have activated 2-Step Verification on your account (i.e. authentication combined with a traditional password and temporary codes to be received via SMS) Google will ask if you have your phone handy.

Place the check mark next to the item I can access my phone or backup options and click on the NEXT button , to recover the password of your Gmail account through a security code that will be received by SMS or by a link via email message.

Alternatively, choose the I can’t access my phone or backup options option (in this case it could take up to 3-5 business days to restore access to the account) or the I didn’t turn on 2-step verification option if you’re sure you have never enabled this feature.

If you have selected the first option, confirm that you are the owner of the email address or mobile phone number that Google will indicate and follow the instructions on the screen.

For example, in the case of email, you will need to open the Google message received at your secondary email address that you must have set up before losing your Gmail login details and click on the link it contains.

In the case of an SMS, you will need to enter the confirmation code received on your smartphone.

Helpful tips

To allow you to increase the security level of your account, I would also suggest some basic rules for creating a strong password. First of all, I invite you to use a unique password for each online service and website you use and avoid always the same passwords.

You should also try to use not only lowercase letters but also uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters (for example, exclamation points, square brackets, etc.) to generate them.


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