How to change your Google profile picture

How to change your Google profile picture . You would like to customize this image but don’t know how. Do not worry. In this guide, I will show you how to change your Google profile picture both through the “Big G” website and through the Google apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Finally, I will explain how to change the image of the personal profile available in the Google Chrome browser, which can be chosen from some random images or synchronized with that of the Google account configured in the program.

Index of contents

  • How to change your Google profile picture step by step
  • Modify Google profile photo from Android
  • How to change Google profile picture from iPhone
  • How to change your profile picture in Google Chrome

How to change your Google profile picture step by step

To change the Google profile picture through the computer, open the main page of the famous search engine in your favorite browser and, if you are not logged in yet, click the access button located at the top right.

In the new screen that appears, enter the email address of your Gmail account, click the next button , enter the password , confirm access by clicking next .

Once the login operations are completed, click on the circle containing your current profile photo located in the upper right (if you have never modified it, it should contain the initials of your name on a colored background) and , in the small box that appears, click instead located inside the colored circle.

At this point, a new screen should appear in the center of the browser, through which you can choose the method with which to update the profile image.

  • By clicking Upload Photo, you can upload a photo of yourself or an image of your choice. All you need to do is press the button Select a photo from your computer or, more simply, drag the photo of your interest to the browser window.
  • By clicking Your Photos, you can use one of the photos uploaded to the Google Photos service or shared with other Google services, choosing from the folders in them.
  • By clicking on the Photos of Youtab , you can use the photos in which you are tagged or in which you are personally present.

Whichever method you choose to upload or choose the new profile picture, when you’re done, click the Set as Profile Picture button .

From now on, the chosen photo or image will be visible in the upper right of the Google home page and in all other services associated with the account (such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Drive).

Alternatively, you can change the Google profile picture by opening the account management page. Once the page in question loads, log into your Gmail account as seen above (if necessary), go to the Personal Information tab and click on the little camera- shaped symbol present in the Customize your section. account by adding a photo .

The rest of the steps you need to follow is identical to what you saw a while ago: you just have to upload or choose a photo to use in your Google profile and confirm the changes, using the button Set as profile photo .

Modify Google profile photo from Android

On Android devices , you can change the Google profile image by activating the google application , installed “as standard” on almost all devices equipped with the “robot” operating system (which, moreover, cannot be uninstalled).

Before continuing, I suggest that you verify that the application is updated to the latest available version: to do it quickly, access the Google Play Store by tapping this link and, if necessary, tap the Update and OK buttons to update.

When you are ready, launch the google app call it from the android drawer (the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device) and once you get to your home screen, tap the more menu located at the bottom right.

Then tap the box containing your first name, last name, and Gmail address to expand the panel and tap the Manage your Google account button .

Alternatively, you can get the same result by going to Android settings (the resident gear- shaped icon in the system drawer), hitting the google item, and selecting the Google Account option , which resides at the top of the screen.

At this point, a small screen very similar to the one seen in the previous section of the tutorial will open: therefore, in the Personal Information tab , touch the camera- shaped icon in the photo section and, once the new screen, touch circle present in the center of it to be able to choose the profile picture.

If you want to use a photo that is already on the device, press the Upload Photos button , authorize access to the camera and the audio by tapping the Allow button and indicate whether to take the photo with the camera application , or if you choose one that already exists to via gallery or File Manager included in the phone.

How to change Google profile picture from iPhone

The easiest way to change your profile picture from Google to iPhone is definitely using the Google app for iOS, available for free on the App Store.

After completing the download and installation, open the application, launch the application (retrieving it from the iOS home screen), and when prompted, enter the credentials of the Google account you are interested in, finally hit access .

At this point, press your current profile image (the circle located in the upper right corner) and choose the item Manage your Google account from the proposed menu.

In the new screen that appears, press Update photo to open, within the browser, the web page through which you can make this change.

The rest of the steps you need to follow are almost identical to what we have seen for Android devices. Tap the circle at the top of the screen and choose whether to Upload a photo from iPhone roll, Take a photo via camera or choose the image of your interest Google Photo Library .

Once the change is complete, the image thus configured will be visible in all applications and services associated with the Google account, regardless of the device on which they are active.

How to change your profile picture in Google Chrome

As you well know, Google Chrome provides the ability to configure multiple user profiles, each with its own favorites, its own graphics, its own applications, etc.

If you have chosen to make use of this solution and have associated several profiles to the browser, you can decide to customize the personal image combined with one of them, so that you can quickly distinguish it from the others.

To continue, start the browser on your computer, click on the ⋮ button located at the top right and, from the menu that appears, select the settings item , so it will take you to the Chrome administration screen.

After that, click on Chrome Name and Image and choose from the various images available the one that most represents you.

You can also choose a name to assign to the currently configured user profile and decide whether or not to add the connection to the profile on the desktop, by enabling or not enabling the Show desktop shortcut item .

If, on the other hand, you did not know about this feature and want to use it, you can easily add a new profile to your browser: first, click on the ring placed in the upper right corner, next to the ⋮ button, therefore select the item Manage users from the menu that opens.

Then click on the Add Person button located at the bottom of the window that opens on the screen; Come to the new screen, choose the name of the profile you are about to create and an image with which to distinguish it within the browser.

You can also create a direct link to the Chrome profile on the desktop by setting the check mark next to the Create a desktop shortcut for this user item .

When you’re done, click the add button to complete the profile creation. To quickly switch from one user to another, click on the profile photo located in the upper right corner of Chrome and select the name of the profile that will open from the proposed list.


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