How to watch YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode

Being our work and leisure station, many of us take advantage of multitasking functions to watch YouTube videos while we do other tasks. However, even using multiple monitors, we often end up accidentally covering these tabs.

What many do not know, the main web browsers have the added support of the picture-in-picture or “PiP” function , previously limited exclusively to the paid subscription of YouTube Premium for smart devices, available for free and by default without having to pay.

A function that will allow us to open any video in a small overlapping floating window, which we can resize and move with almost complete freedom (with the only restriction of a maximum size) and that will allow us to perform basic actions such as playing and pausing the video .

So today we offer you another quick tutorial for YouTube to take advantage of the “hidden” functions of the player

How to activate YouTube PiP mode (Chrome and Edge)

With an identical operation for both browsers, the first thing we must do is play the YouTube video in question .

After this, we will have to double-click the right mouse click on the video to display the contextual menu, a small white options window similar to the normal Windows options. In it, an option called “Image in image” will appear , which after being selected will reduce the video to this reduced size.

Remember that yes, that although we can move this pop-up window, we will not be able to close the original tab of the video , since this will make it disappear. Thus, to return the video to its natural state, we will only have to repeat the process on the reduced window, and select the inverse icon (represented by a square with an outgoing arrow towards the upper right corner).

How to activate YouTube PiP mode (Firefox)

On the other hand, in the case of the Mozilla browser the process will be even simpler, just having to play the video by hovering the mouse over it . And is that this browser has a small icon (represented by a square with an outgoing arrow towards the lower right corner), which will allow us to access the image-in-image mode with just one click .

In the same way as in the rest of browsers, to return the video to its natural state, we will only have to select the “Back to tab” icon.

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