How to remove user’s password in Windows 10

Next, we are going to see how to remove or delete a user’s password in Windows 10 so that you do not have to enter it every time you turn on the computer or wake it from sleep.

Passwords are very important when we are using a computer and more so if it is connected to the internet. We generally have private data such as: credit cards, bank accounts, social media accounts, photos, videos, etc.

One of the best ways to protect that is with a password on your Windows PC . In this way, no one who has physical access to it can access your computer without your permission.

However, in case you live alone or trust the people with whom you share your home. Then it is not necessary to use a password, which makes having the operating system ready to use as soon as we turn it on.

Therefore, we are going to see how to remove a password from Windows 10 in a very fast and easy way. We are going to offer you two different methods which you can use depending on the situation you are in.

How to clear a user’s password in Windows 10

When we install Windows for the first time or after formatting the computer We have the possibility of not entering any password. How? Simply leaving the field without writing anything at all. This way you will not need to enter a password when Windows starts.

However, in case we have quite important data on the PC and third parties have access to it, it is best to add a password to protect it from any kind of unexpected event.

An interesting option is to remove the password every time the computer wakes up from sleep or the screensaver is removed. In this way we will not have to enter the password so many times and it will not become something annoying.

Remove Windows 10 password

The easiest method to permanently remove a password from Windows 10 is quite simple and we will see it below:

  • First we are going to press ” Start ” or the ” Windows ” key on your keyboard.
  • A menu opens where we must click on ” Settings ” is the gear-shaped icon on the left side.
  • In ” Windows Settings ” we will have to go to ” Accounts “.
  • In the left sidebar we must click on ” Login Options “.
  • Then we click on ” Password “.
  • It is selected and at the bottom right we can see a button that says ” Change “.
  • It will ask you for the current password and then you can remove it if you wish by leaving the space blank.

Remove a user’s password in Windows 10

In case you want to remove the password when you wake up the computer from a suspension or every time you remove the screensaver so you don’t have to enter it all the time. Then you should do the following:

  • Press “Start” or the “Windows” key on your physical keyboard and then type ” netplwiz ” without the quotes.
  • A window opens where we will have to uncheck the box that comes by default ” Users must enter their name and password to use the computer “. Now you will have to click on ” Apply “.
  • What this does is avoid having to type the password every time we are going to log in or wake the computer from a suspension.
  • To confirm, it will ask us to enter the password to verify that we are authorized to delete the password.

Once you enter the password, simply accept and you can restart the computer to verify that now, it no longer asks you for a password to log in. Remember that in case you have any questions about how to remove or delete a user’s password in Windows 10, you can leave it a little further down


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