How to reset the user password in Windows Server?

You can easily access Windows Server , this server operating system will allow you to handle different types of roles in the network, which is very important for anyone; If you need to know how to reset the user password in Windows Server, easily and without problems , continue reading here we will tell you step by step how you can do it.

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  1. Why should I periodically reset my user’s password?
  2. How do I log into Windows Server to reset a profile?
  3. What is the way to reboot a user in this Windows tool?
    1. Entering from the control panel
    2. From a CD location
  4. Why won’t my Windows user reset?
  5. How do I recover the Windows Server user password?

Why should I periodically reset my user’s password?

Periodically resetting your user’s password in Windows Server is a security measure applied by many; If this key is complex and secure, you will be able to prevent unauthorized access to the server, which will keep the roles, files and elements that are within the system safe.

There are different versions of Windows Server that allow you as an administrator to control the networks, roles and files that are associated with the system; when we are controllers we must ensure the security of all content , for this reason we recommend periodically updating the password.

How do I log into Windows Server to reset a profile?

Before resetting the profile in Windows Server  you must have the product key , you can find it easily ; If by chance you don’t know how to find the product key, don’t worry, it’s very easy to see it if you follow these steps.

After this the process to follow is simple, the first thing you do is open the Microsoft Management Console , for this you must go to start and type mmc in the search box, then press Enter.

In the menu on the left side select the option Local Users and Groups , in this section you can add, delete or edit user profiles that are already registered in the system; You just have to select the user you want to reset and in the menu locate the option to apply the action you want.

What is the way to reboot a user in this Windows tool?

There are two ways to restart a user in Windows Server, the first is from the control panel and the second would be from the location of a CD, below we explain step by step how the procedure is.

Entering from the control panel

The first step is to open the control panel, once inside we click on Settings, in this section we locate the Advanced tab, the User Profiles option appears where we will click on Settings.

All the user profiles created in the system will appear here, giving you the option to manage, delete, reset, or modify each one of them , to do so you just have to select the Profile you want to modify and apply the action that is of your preference.

It is important that you bear in mind that to carry out all this process you must be a System Administrator, or in case of being a group of administrators, have the necessary premises to carry out this action.

From a CD location

To start you must have a CD / DVD or USB with the Windows Server ISO image of the version you are using, insert the drive in the computer and proceed to restart in the process press any key to bring up the window with the initial setup.

In this window keep the default settings, then click on next, the window that will appear will show the option to repair the computer, you must click on this section to access the system settings.

3 options will appear, you must click on Troubleshoot , then on command symbols, at this point the system console will open where we have to execute the following commands:

  • d:
  • cd windows
  • cd System32
  • move utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
  • copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
  • net user administrator / active: yes

After executing all the commands on the system, the server must be restarted from the console with the command:

  • shutdown -r -t 0

When you are on the home screen you must click on the home key and the U key at the same time, when you do this, the console is displayed again where it gives us the option to reset the user’s password (in this example we gave it a name Administrator), you must run the following command:

  • net user administrator “password”

To finish the process, you just have to execute the exit command to exit the command prompt, and after all you can start the new password for the user you selected with ease.

Why won’t my Windows user reset?

One of the most common problems is that when performing the user reset process from the control panel we do not have administrator permissions; In case it happens when doing it with a CD / DVD or USB, the possibility is that the system has a fault , in that case what you should do is change the unit you are using.

How do I recover the Windows Server user password?

Recovering the password of the Windows Server user is very easy, you must access the Server Administrator , locate the Tools option in the menu and select Users and computers.

A window will be displayed with all the users registered in the system, select the one you want to change the access code and select the Reset password option, in the next window confirm the password, finish by clicking accept.

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