How to remove or delete all blue hyperlinks from Word documents

In 1966 for the first time the hyperlink was implemented, thanks to a team from the Stanford Research Institute. The idea was to move within the same document , and to establish certain connections between paragraphs of separate documents. These links or links with a click direct us to another page or document; there we get more information. Then we extend a little more how to eliminate the blue hyperlinks in Word .

How to remove or delete blue hyperlinks from Word

Before getting into the subject, let’s see some basic concepts about hyperlinks, which will help us better understand the information:

What are hyperlinks?

It is called a hyperlink to certain elements, which are found in electronic documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, emails, web pages among others, in order to be able to link or refer to another web page or different document . in general we distinguish hyperlinks because they are blue.

Hyperlinks have two extremities , that is, an origin and a destination. The former are placed in blue and underlined in browsers, and have a single destination; If these links fail to track information, it is because they are broken. Something interesting is that you can create hyperlinks when creating a document in Word,  or in other documents.

What are the types of hyperlinks?

There are different types of hyperlinks , for example based on the content or action they have to perform and their environment; also according to the location of the resource:

  • Hyperlink From Text : They go to a text or a specific part such as a footnote or a chapter.
  • Image : Goes to a certain image. The hyperlink in images specially used to send them in emails . There are cases that lead you to other resources as they do in advertising.
  •  E-mail : Opens the pre-established mail manager program (for example Office Outlook) to write to a specific e-mail address.
  • Hyperlink to Specific Functions : Such as saving, printing or increasing the size, among others.
  • Depending on the location of the resource, it can be an internal hyperlink such as a local address of the same computer or the same web page; also External hyperlink of the system as a different web page.

How to remove blue hyperlinks from Word step by step

If you have copied some text or fragment in Word, but it contains some blue hyperlinks and you want to eliminate them, you can do it either by removing one by one or all at once ;

Delete the blue hyperlinks one by one

To do this, you must do it as follows:

To delete one by one without losing the images or text from the document, we recommend updating your hyperlinks automatically in Word, some of you may want to keep them; you hover over the hyperlink and make a right click on the mouse. Then another click selecting “Remove hyperlink” .

Remove blue hyperlinks all at once

If you want to delete all the hyperlinks at once, then you must press the CTRL + E key, in this way we are selecting the entire document.

Then the CTRL + SHIFT + F9 keys ; there are keyboards where the capital letter is marked as SHIFT.

Finally, it can be seen that the procedure to eliminate blue hyperlinks in Word is done very simply, either because you do it one by one or all at once ; however we have also seen that they are very useful.

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