How to Remove All Pages I No Longer Like on Facebook Easily

You have been with your Facebook account for years, and as time has passed, you have “liked” several pages and comments. But you no longer think the same , and you want to delete all the pages that you no longer like from Facebook, how to achieve it. Well, calm down, here we will help you solve this issue with just a few steps, so that you no longer have these pages in your history.

We tell you that with the Facebook Cleanser method, you can examine all the likes you have given and delete the ones you no longer like. Even if you indicated that you like another page in the name of yours , and you no longer think the same, how to change that.

Tips by which to delete pages you no longer like on Facebook

When we talk about Facebook, it comes to mind that it is a social network capable of uniting people from all over the world . In fact, when you “like” or share some information on your wall, all your contacts can see what you like.

However, Facebook offers you the opportunity to “like” or upload photos and videos, but without sharing it with everyone. In fact, the functions that Facebook has, offer you an excellent experience, when using this social network and sharing with others.

Even this social network acts as a storage cloud, since you can save photos, video, and even page likes. But, did you know that, when looking for a job, interviewers look for your Facebook profile , in order to learn more about you. For that reason, it is important to remove all the pages that you no longer like from Facebook and that do not score points in your favor.

Nowadays, people post their interests on Facebook, in fact, they “Like” some pages that they like to follow. For that reason, Facebook has become one of the most used social networks in the world, so we must take care of what we have there.

Options offered by Facebook

Because it is a popular social network, Facebook monitors the safety of its users, and gives them alternatives such as removing the follow button , among others. Facebook gives you options for any circumstance, whether it’s deleting pages you don’t like , profile photos, posts, and more.

Even if you have decided to delete a Like , which you no longer find appropriate, here we will help you know the steps.

How to remove a page that I no longer like with Facebook Cleanser

This procedure to delete all the pages that you no longer like on Facebook, with Facebook Cleanser is simple, so, follow the steps:

  • Enter Facebook Cleanser and it will automatically link to your Facebook account.
  • By accessing Facebook , Cleanser will begin to track the “likes” you have given to services, companies or institutions.
  • Depending on whether you have been very compulsive in giving Likes, the page can take up to 30 minutes to search .
  • Then it will appear as a list, all the pages you have selected.
  • And you will simply have to remove the like from the comment or page that you no longer like.

Delete the page you no longer like directly from Facebook

With your Facebook account, you can also get a list to deactivate the likes of the pages , following these steps:

  • You will first need to log into your Facebook account.
  • Then you will have to go to the arrow next to “Privacy” and select the option “Activity log”.
  • Next, you have to press where it says “I like” .
  • Then click on “Pages” and then on “Interests”.
  • At the moment, you will see how the pages are updated per year, as you go down.
  • From there, you can delete the pages that you no longer like.

Perhaps when analyzing this information you ask yourself, Do I need to clean my Facebook account and delete the Likes? Well, let us inform you that yes, since this information becomes part of our account and identity on Facebook.

In addition, when you like, this information will automatically appear to our contacts and Facebook will send you invitations as a suggestion from us.


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