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When we have to do a job that warrants using a text editor, we look for the best that exists and that is none other than the one devised by Microsoft. And that is included in the Windows Office office suite according to its version .

It can offer you very versatile and easy-to-use functions, but it can still present certain complications for the user because they do not understand how to use it. It is for this reason that below we will tell you the steps to follow to remove or eliminate section breaks in Word pages.

Microsoft Word is an application with which creating documents can be a not so simple task if we do not know how to use the different options in the tools menu. But it is that everything is even more complicated if we do not know what these options are for. And therefore we wanted to offer you this tutorial so that you learn how to eliminate section breaks on pages.

This can be one of the difficulties that you can find very frequently, when you copy information from a source and paste it into the document. In this way, a large number of section breaks are created on the pages and requested from the original format. Which we can eliminate manually without major problems.

But if we are talking about a document that contains a large number of pages, this manual procedure can be long and tedious. Therefore we will show you a faster and more practical way to eliminate section breaks in Word pages.


  • How to remove page section breaks automatically
  • Steps to remove section breaks in Word

How to remove page section breaks automatically

Word uses a great variety of tools in the top menu that will allow you to apply different characteristics to your document. With which it will be possible to include images, change the format of the font, the paragraph, the styles, etc. But you can also insert audio files into the document, so versatile is this Microsoft file editor program.

Therefore, as we have already mentioned, to be able to use Word, you need to know each tool that the editor offers you to use. Therefore, in this article we will tell you which tab to use and in what way, so that you can apply it to the document. So we suggest you follow the following steps to remove page section breaks.

Steps to remove section breaks in Word

We are going to see below an excellent way to eliminate section breaks , but you can also use it to eliminate page, line or column breaks. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started, first you must go to the top menu and you are going to select the start tab so that all the options it contains are displayed.

And we go to the right of this toolbar and locate “Edition” and then we must click on the option “Search” and then select “Advanced Search”. This action will display the Find and Replace box. Now we are going to click on the “Replace” tab and we will go down to click on the “More” option.

This action will display more options and in our case we will go to the bottom of this window to choose by clicking on the “Special” button. More options will be displayed and this is where we will choose the option that we want to eliminate in our document. In our case we are going to select the section break option .

The symbol representing the chosen option will be displayed in the “Replace with” field. The next step is to click on the option “Replace all” and that’s it, this format will be applied to our document and the section break will have been eliminated.

And so in this simple way you have applied to the document a function that will automatically eliminate section breaks in Word pages. 


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