Now “everyone” plays Fortnite – this is how you get started

The game most people are talking about right now can be played between different platforms, and is completely free. Here are the experts’ tips on equipment for you who want to start playing Fortnite.

Right now, the game Fortnite is shining the brightest in the gaming sky. Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) – which last year became the world’s most popular online game – has been knocked out by the “newcomer” in recent months.

– These games have completely changed the way you play, and created a completely new game genre, says Jarl Roe, sales and product manager for games and gaming equipment at Komplett.

He explains that Fortnite was first launched in July 2017, and then it was about exploring a world together after a mysterious “storm” has wiped out 98 percent of the world’s population. In September, the game’s own mode was launched, Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is this situation that has become a massive success – and which together with PUBG has made the “battle royale” genre so popular.

In short, it is about 100 players jumping in “gliders” from a flying bus, and landing on a small island. During the game, the “playable” area of ​​the island becomes smaller and smaller, so that the players have to get closer to each other; until there is only one player left who is the winner, says Roe about the genre.

Around the island you will find various weapons and aids, but each player starts without any equipment.


Several reasons why the game has been a success

Roe believes that one of the reasons Fortnite has become so big is that it is free. However, you can use money “in-game”, but it is not necessary. Another thing that makes the game unique is that the graphics are reminiscent of a cartoon, which differs from the military impression in PUBG and other action games.

– Even though it is a “multiplayer shooter” game, it has a very bright and friendly atmosphere.

In addition to the graphics, there are other elements that make the game hit a larger – and younger – target group than other shooting games.

LAN at home? This is what you need

BUILD BUILDINGS: Fortnite is not just about shooting. You can also build things and dance – if you want to. PHOTO: ILLUSTRATION SCREEN DUMP FORTNITE

– The game has personality! The worlds are very well made. You can dance with your teammates or opponents and sometimes it can seem like each building has its own history, Roe explains and adds:

– You also do not have to be the best at “aiming” (a common gaming term for aiming), because you can just as easily use other resources or buildings to outsmart the enemy. It is probably positive for many that you are not only dependent on discovering the enemy first and having a good “aim” to survive the game.

And not least the fact that “last man standing” wins the game, can then bring out the competitive spirit in very many, says Roe.

Oops! Fortnite has a recommended age limit of 12 years, while PUBG has a recommended age limit of 16 years.


Play between the platforms

Almost anyone can play Fortnite – the game can be played on most platforms, and you can meet players across the platforms.

The game was recently launched for iOS, so now you can also play on your iPhone – and the app should already be more profitable than app successes such as Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans, according to The Verge.

Download the game for free for iOS here.

– For example, you can play on your Xbox One against players on PC, Mac or iOS. Right now you can not play Playstation against Xbox, and there is no indication that it will be possible in the current situation, Roe explains.

Both the Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Slim, which are the “lightweights” of the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, work well to play Fortnite on.

– But if you want even better performance, have a 4K screen and want to be able to play other game titles with very good visual content, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, you should rather buy PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, the expert suggests.

Fortnite on Complete Gamer

If you prefer to play on PC over console or mobile, Komplett’s gaming experts have good news, especially if you do not own a powerful gaming computer.

– One thing that distinguishes Fortnite from other new games, is that it does not necessarily require the most expensive computer components. The game has slightly lower system requirements than what is common today.


Here, the expert has put together two computers that work well for you who want to embark on the Fortnite adventure:

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Upgrade package

Do you have a computer, but need to replace some components before the computer is ready to play? Here, the expert has developed three different upgrade packages – in three different price ranges:


If you already have the most important things, such as an SSD and a good enough graphics card (for example GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, 1060 or RX560), this package above is recommended.


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