How to register a new Nintendo account

Video game consoles are products that have a great offer in the market today, the world of video games has a high regard for consoles since they have been around for decades, their first users still remember them fondly, video game consoles do not They are simply a product for the purpose of entertaining, it is also a cult and collector’s item.

These arrived in the mid-70s, one of the consoles that started it all was the Atari Pong from the Atari company, being a primitive console but one of the first that began in the world of video games, then other consoles would also come out other brands, such as the Sega brand bringing consoles such as the Sega Genesis or the Color TV Game from the Nintendo company, one of the largest companies in Video Games.


Nintendo is the most famous video game company that exists in the world, it has existed for more than a century, it began in the late 1800s as a company that distributed Playing Cards, it remained alive until the 70s were introduced to the world of video games with Nintendo consoles such as the Color TV Game, Gameboy and NES and Super NES.

Currently Nintendo is the direct rival of giant companies such as Xbox and PlayStation, and all its consoles such as PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, are direct rivals of the consoles that Nintendo has brought to the market, such as It can be the saga of Nintendo DS and 3DS, Nintendo Wii and the most recent and popular of all, the Nintendo Switch, which brings the best games and applications to enjoy.

All these are great consoles that, taking advantage of them, will give us hours and hours of fun, with striking and intuitive game modes, with pleasant and incredible graphics, even today the consoles have great basic components to have an operating system with a good interface and store online videogames, in this case Nintendo has its store and to access it you must have a Nintendo account.

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  1. How to register a new Nintendo account from scratch? – Steps to follow
    1. Enter the official page:
    2. Start registration process:
  2. How do I log in with my Nintendo account?
  3. Create Nintendo Account: How to Sign Up for My Nintendo
    1. Choose if you want to receive emails
    2. Account confirmation
    3. Activate and verify your Nintendo account
  4. How do I link my old Nintendo Network ID to my My Nintendo? – It’s possible?
  5. Steps to link social media accounts to my Nintendo account
    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter

How to register a new Nintendo account from scratch? – Steps to follow

Creating a Nintendo Account is very easy, we can create it via the internet, basically if you have a Nintendo console or a mobile App, a Nintendo account is necessary in order to link and have a record of your games and brand products.

You must be over 16 to create an account due to the company’s strict security policies. If you are under this age, you have the option of entering your parents’ email address and the company will send an email to them so they can open an account for you.

Enter the official page:

It doesn’t matter if you have an old account or not, the official Nintendo website is where we must create our account. You must go to the official page and in the upper right you will find the option that says Login / Create account.

You have to select that option and then the page will take you to a new tab where you must choose if you already have an account or want to open a new one. By choosing to create a new account, you verify your age and proceed to the registration process.

Start registration process:

After verifying the age, the registration process begins and we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We must first attach the basic personal data or if you find it more convenient to link our Google account to speed up the process.
  • We will fill in the missing requirements suchas the email address for our Nintendo account, Nickname and passwords.
  • We select the box where we do not want to receive daily emails and notifications from Nintendo, we confirm all the information and we agree to create aNintendo account.
  • The final step to have our account ready is to create the Nintendo Network ID Switch, this is a password PIN to use in the future when we want to make important changes to our Nintendo account, we put the PIN that was sent to our email in the box that corresponds, we confirm and that’s it.

Once our account is created, we can place it in each Nintendo product , either to save our linked Pokemon games on our Nintendo Switch or also in the Super Mario Run game, Nintendo also has functions such as giving points that if we accumulate They can be exchanged for extras of the games that we have on our consoles.

How do I log in with my Nintendo account?

As easy as going to the official Nintendo website , at the top right you will get the option Create account / Sign in. Select and then enter your email and password information.

If you have the 2-step verification, you must then enter the password and then the code that is sent to your mobile phone and that’s it.

Create Nintendo Account: How to Sign Up for My Nintendo

My Nintendo is a program created by Nintendo to reward consumers for their loyalty . This program offers users gift points after completing various missions and with these points they can be exchanged for content or digital discounts.

To register in My Nintendo you will only have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official My Nintendo page .
  • If you already have a Nintendo Account, select the Sign Inoption If you don’t have a Nintendo account then you must create one.
  • Log into your Nintendo Account.
  • Start the tutorial that explains how to use the program and that’s it.

Choose if you want to receive emails

When creating the account in Nintendo you have the option to select or not if you want to receive promotional emails from the application. If you did not activate it then these emails will not reach you and to activate the option again you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Log into your Nintendo Account.
  • Go to the Other Settingsoption
  • Now locate the Promotional emailsoption and select
  • Now in your email check that you have no options blocking emails from @ accounts.nintendo.comand check the Spam tray to see if any are there.

Account confirmation

At the time of opening an account in Nintendo they will send you an email to confirm it , if this email does not reach you you must check the Spam tray where it usually arrives and if it is not there then you must verify that the email that was entered in the Nintendo account is The right one.

You can also verify that you do not have filters that prevent the mail from arriving. If you do not find any solution, it is best to open a new account with a new email. After the confirmation email arrives, you only have to follow the steps indicated.

Activate and verify your Nintendo account

After activating the account, the verification in 2 steps can be carried out, this option must be activated by us and it is done to log in to the Nintendo account not only with the password but also with a 6-digit code sent to our phone . To activate it follow the steps below.

  • Download and open the Google Authenticatorapp on your phone .
  • Select the Moreicon , followed by the Settings option .
  • Now select the Correction of time in codesoption and then Synchronize now.
  • When you’re on the 2-step verification page, during your Nintendo login, enter one of the 10 security codes that will arrive on your phone and you’re done.

How do I link my old Nintendo Network ID to my My Nintendo? – It’s possible?

It is not possible to link the old Nintendo Network ID to My Nintendo. But what you can do is link it to the new Nintendo account and to do so you just have to follow the steps that we present below.

From a computer or website:

  • Sign in to your Nintendo account.
  • Look for the option that says User Information-Link Accounts- Change
  • Select the Nintendo Network IDoption and follow the instructions.

From a Nintendo Switch Console :

  • In the HOME menu of the console select the user icon.
  • Now highlight the option that says Suggestion of friendsand with the L and R buttons select continue.
  • Then enter the Nintendo Network IDand password, log in and it will be linked to your account.

Remember that both the date of birth and the country of the Nintendo Network ID have to be the same as those that were placed on the Nintendo Account.

Steps to link social media accounts to my Nintendo account

Linking social networks to the Nintendo account is something quite quick and easy to do , it is practically the same process for any account.


When creating the Nintendo account you have the option to do it with your Google account, if you do it immediately it is linked but if not you only must:

  • Go to the Nintendo website and open your account.
  • Locate the option Linked accounts- Editselect the Google option and that’s it.


Facebook can also link it with the account when opening it for the first time. But if you didn’t, just repeat the previous steps:

  • Go to the Nintendo website and open your account.
  • Locate the Linked Accountsoption – Edit select the Facebook option and you’re done.


Twitter is another social network that you can log into Nintendo with.

  • Go to the Nintendo website and open your account.
  • Locate the option Linked Accounts – Edit, select the Twitter option and you’re done.

Nintendo and its latest console

Now Nintendo has a new console called Nintendo Switch, one of the best consoles they have released, with a new look and components that make great games run, you cannot miss the opportunity to have it. This account with games such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Oddysey, with functions also such as watching YouTube or using your Joy-Con to play on your phone , it is an experience that Nintendo brings us.

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