How to register on Nintendo Switch?

How to register on Nintendo Switch? This is one of the most popular video consoles in the world, as it gives players a large number of advantages and alternatives to participate in the different games that exist in the different modalities. that it handles, these are varied and you can always enjoy them in the game. time you want it.

Among the game modes offered by Nintendo is online games, the video game console Nintendo Switch, allows you to access this alternative by registering, if you don’t know how you can access this game mode, don’t worry, below , we will tell you how you can do it.

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  • 1 Important to know
    • 1 Registration
    • 2 Payment methods
  • 2 Advantages of this console

Important to know

For those who want to register to be able to play online with their console, it is important that they know that the moment they turn on this console for the first time, after the start of the online games mode, the system will give you the alternative After performing the update, at the moment the system requests it, we recommend that you accept the update alternative, since it is precisely this update that will allow you to play games online.


The first thing you should do is turn on the game console .

Among the options that appear on the main screen of this, you must select Nintendo eShop.

This action will allow you to enter the alternative for acquiring games and applications.

Once you make this entry, locate and select the online game mode alternative.

This will display another series of alternatives in which you must select the subscription options.

Select the subscription alternative that suits you best. You can take a 7-day free trial.

Payment methods

Once you select the subscription you want to obtain, the system will ask you for the payment method you want to use .

It is important to note that, if you choose the alternative of trying the 7-day free subscription, once it ends the system will only display the alternative of subscribing for one month, later if you can change to another type of subscription.

Payment alternatives are varied, including PayPal, credit cards and fund transfers.

Once the payment is made, the system will give you a code which you must enter, finally click on the buy option and that’s it.

Advantages of this console

One of the great advantages of this game console is portability, portable consoles have a great image quality.

Storage capacity , this console not only has greater storage capacity, it also switches to HDD technology, which makes the storage source more resistant to accidents.

HDD technology also provides the console with a significant reduction in noise and it heats up much less.

A wide variety of video games that you can play online, among the titles you can find: Zelda Breath, Fast Rmx, Sonic Mania, among many others.

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