How to recover your e-mail address

When you rarely use email, your address gets lost, especially when you have multiple accounts. And if you needed to go to the old mailbox, you will need to remember it, find out the e-mail with the help of friends, support service. How do I find my email address if I forgot? There are several ways, depending on the type of postal service, whether you remember your username , whether your account is linked to the phone. Read below how to act in different cases, choose the most suitable way of how to find out your email address. For those who have forgotten it, we have compiled detailed instructions.

How to regain access to your e-mail – we will tell you below

E-mail recovery instructions

  1. The easiest way is to ask your friends, acquaintances whom you wrote to from your lost account. They will copy the sender’s data from the email they received from you.
  2. If the automatic login is saved, but the owner has forgotten the address itself, you can go to the “Sent” letters and there you can see the information about the sender yourself.
  3. If you remember your login by e-mail, under which registered, you simply add to it @, and then – the domain mail service, for example, . You write down everything without spaces, together. Some services offer several domains, just check each of them if you don’t remember which one you chose during registration. Again, provided that you can log into your account, try sending an email to yourself for verification. How to find out your email address if you forgot your domain, read below.
  4. If the box has been linked to a phone or to another box, you can use the reminder functions available at the service. Unfortunately, does not provide such a hint. Yandex also does not have a separate reminder, however, a hint appears in the Restore Access window if you previously entered from the same carrier (computer). But, for example, in Google it is done quite quickly and without unnecessary complications:
      • you go to the start page;
      • click on the “Need help” link;
      • then select “I do not remember the username”;
      • restore the name through a linked phone or other mail, fill in information about yourself. If you specify a mobile notification, you are offered to choose an SMS or a call;

Enter the phone number associated with your account to receive an email address

  • enter the received verification code in a special field; After verification, Google will show you your address attached to the named phone number or box.
  1. You can contact technical support, they may be able to help you recover your mail. For example, they can help with changing the phone number associated with the box. You will need to provide some information to confirm that you are the owner of this mail. For example, on Yandex it can be your account in the Yandex.Money service, for legal entities – the address of the company’s website, the number of the Metrica counter.
  2. If you have forgotten the email address of the company, go to the official website, where in the “Contacts” section you will most likely find it. Sometimes the contact address is placed at the bottom of every page.

There are many ways to find out your e-mail. If you failed to restore it, just start a new one , inform your friends and colleagues about the change in mail. It is recommended to write down the data, so that they are not lost, on paper, in the cloud, in mobile notes. In case of loss, follow our instructions, choose a convenient way to recover information.


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