How to recover deleted conversations from Telegram

Telegram is an application that offers us the possibility of permanently deleting messages and complete chat histories without leaving any trace . It is certainly a very useful feature when it comes to our security, but there are times when we did not want to delete, but we have accidentally done it.

The question now arises of how to recover those lost conversations and chats , but today we are going to see how we can recover all those conversations in a simple and step-by-step way.


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As we have said so far, in Telegram you can delete any message, be it a text, multimedia files, gifs, etc., they can be messages sent or received, and from private conversations or chats with several users.

If we have decided to delete or by mistake we have taken messages and chats from Telegram, it   is more difficult to recover than with other messaging platforms such as the WhatsApp application . Which allows us to restore backup copies saved on the Smartphone itself or on Google Drive.

But as regards Telegram, this application  does not save conversations locally, nor does it store them in internet clouds, except on those Telegram servers. Therefore we must be a little careful when deleting your messages, although there are some ways or ways to be able to make a copy or ways to restore those conversations.


  • 1 How to restore a backup of your conversations in Telegram
  • 2 How to recover deleted messages from a Telegram chat
  • 3 Notification log

How to restore a backup of your conversations in Telegram

Creating a backup is one of the easiest ways to back up those Telegram messages, so we are going to see how to make backup copies and how to recover them if necessary. The first thing you should know is that you can only enjoy this option in the web version or the computer application, you will not be able to carry out this way of safeguarding your conversations directly on your smartphones.

In order to enjoy the web version, you can download it directly from the following link: When you have it ready on your computer, all your messages and conversations will appear as they are on your phone. And with this version you can make a copy and export the data to your PC.

You just have to follow a few steps that we are going to detail clearly and concisely for ease.

Open the Telegram program on your computer and then, click on the side menu, where the three horizontal stripes are located, and select the “Settings” section , then click on “Advanced” and look for the Data and Storage option , there you must select “Export Telegram data”.

At that moment you will see on your screen a list of options that you must check. Take your time and carefully review each option to determine which items you want to add to the backup. It will not take you long, and the creation of those backup copies will not either, although it will depend on the total number of options you select, the more options you select, the longer it will take to generate them.

When you have decided everything, do not forget to check the box of ‘Human readable HTML’ which is necessary so that the conversations can be readable once exported. Now all you have to do is click on the “Export” option. And the next thing you will see is a folder called “Telegram desktop”, which is probably located in the Downloads folder, if you have not modified the destination path, of course.

The organization of that folder determines where the Chats are stored, since in that folder you will be able to see the conversations but not the names of the users with whom they were made. You will see that the folders are numbered, it is an inconvenience if you are looking for a conversation since we must go one by one, until we find the one we want.

How to recover deleted messages from a Telegram chat

If what we want to save is an individual conversation in which we have accidentally deleted a message, we must make use of the “Undo” option that has saved us so many times in this and other applications. This option does not work with individual messages, but you can prevent an entire chat from disappearing.

This time we are going to see how to recover those messages deleted from a Telegram chat if you do it by mistake .

This method works for both Android and iOS. The procedure is very simple, since at that moment that we have deleted a message, the option to undo that option appears. At the bottom of the screen we will see a countdown of five seconds together with the “Undo” button on the right.

We simply have to press the button, but quickly since once those five seconds have passed, the option to recover it will disappear. In the computer version or web version this option to “Undo” the error is not available , therefore if you delete in either of these two versions, you will not have the option to recover them.

Notification log

If you want to see those messages that we have deleted again, we can do it through the notification log with a launcher or a specialized application. This option is not the same as recovering a WhatsApp conversation through a text document or having it again in the app, but it will be useful if you want to recover a specific message on your mobile phone.

If your launcher installed on your mobile phone has the option to record the notifications you receive, and you delete the message it has sent you, you will still be able to see them. In addition, it will not only serve you for Telegram but also allows deleted messages to be stored on WhatsApp, for example.

You should know that in Telegram if you delete a message it does not appear as deleted, which if it happens in WhatsApp, since if someone sends you a message and deletes it, the notification “This message has been deleted” appears. Not in Telegram, it is erased and leaves no trace, that is why notifications help us find what we would certainly not see if they did not exist.

Notification history is available by default from Android 11 and later versions. To activate it, go to the phone settings. You already know that the routes may vary, depending on the make and model of the Smartphone, normally it is usually like this.

Open the settings of your mobile phone, look for the notifications or “Applications and notifications” section. Now go to “Notification history”, activate it and there you will see those messages that disappeared.

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