How to recover WhatsApp conversations?

People can catch up with their friends, family and colleagues and know exactly what they did, where they went and how they feel more easily with WhatsApp. However, sometimes you may encounter data loss if you accidentally delete important files on your Android. On the other hand, you may want to see whatsapp deleted messages that your partner deleted. In any case, be it by accident or on purpose, it is possible to recover whatsapp conversations and here we tell you how.

How can deleted WhatsApp messages be recovered?

We have done some preliminary research to bring you some methods that work for both Android and iPhone. If you want to know how to hack whatsapp for free without them noticing , don’t stop reading.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp conversations on Android

method 1

If you have backed up your WhatsApp messages with Google Drive before, you can recover deleted messages on WhatsApp via backup. Please refer to the following guide:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Reinstall it and log in to your account.
  3. You will be prompted with a prompt to restore your backup after opening reinstalled WhatsApp. Tap “Restore”. And the job is done!

You should keep in mind that:

  1. Only backup and restore option is allowed for devices with the same operating system.
  2. If you have never backed up before, you will not be able to restore the data when you accidentally delete it.
  3. Selective data recovery is not allowed and you need to restore all the files in the backup even if some of them are useless.
  4. If you skip the restore step when you reinstall WhatsApp, you will never be able to restore it this way.

method 2

These methods are not only for WhatsApp messages, but also for WhatsApp media files. There is another way to recover deleted media. For WhatsApp, media files including images, videos and audios, which you have deleted, are saved in a folder on your device. You can locate them by connecting the phone to a PC.

  1. Connect your phone to PC. If your WhatsApp is installed on an SD card, please insert the card into the device before connecting it.
  2. Go to your Android phone’s disk to find WhatsApp > Media Folder.
  3. Check the Audio, Pictures or Video folder to get your ideal media files.

Note: Actually, you can locate those files on your phone: File Manager > WhatsApp Folder > Media Folder.

Recover deleted whatsapp messages without any backup

For both Android and iPhone, there is a 100% effective way to view deleted WhatsApp messages or even recover entire WhatsApp conversations.

If you want to recover whatsapp messages on your cell phone or someone else’s cell phone, the wisest thing to do is to use a spy app. Spy apps can help you find the specific data you need to recover from another phone. In addition, you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages, but also audio, images, and even videos.

Spy apps work stealthily on the target cell phone, retrieving information that is sent to a control panel for review. Spy apps are undetectable and do not alert any antivirus system, so you can be sure that no one will suspect you.

If you want to recover important messages that you lost by accident or locate a cell phone through Whatsapp , a spy app is what you need.

The best spy app is mSpy, which in addition to having an incredible low price, also has customer service and technical support in all languages, 24/7 for your satisfaction.

We consider mSpy as the best app because it has a long history and credibility, it is the most used spy app in the world, and it has incredible features such as:

  • geofenced
  • Keylogger
  • high precision GPS
  • ambient listening
  • call recording
  • email surveillance
  • Access to social networks and instant messaging apps
  • Access to media files
  • Interference and calls and SMS and many more.

How to recover whatsapp conversations on iPhone

method 1

In the technological age, cloud backup is an almost obvious way to save important files. For this reason, the iOS system uses iCloud to save and retrieve WhatsApp messages, audios, images and even videos.

  1. Check if you have the “ automatic backup” option activated.
  2. Uninstall the WhatsAppapp and make sure to verify your phone number once you reinstall it.
  3. Just tap on “Restore Chat History” and you will recover your deleted Whatsapp messages after the restoration process is done.

method 2

If you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud, you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone from iCloud backup file either by extracting WhatsApp messages or restoring them to your iPhone device. Here are the detailed steps on how to do it.

  1. Download and install WhatsApp message recovery iPhone app. It is capable of extracting WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup. Feel free to install it on your computer by following the built-in navigation guide.
  2. Click “ Recover from iCloud”. Sign in to your iCloud account. The software never collects any of your data. You need to get your iCloud backup file and extract deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone. After that, you can see all available backup files.
  3. Select the iCloud backup that contains your deleted WhatsApp messages and click “Scan”. The software takes a few seconds to extract files from the iCloud backup file and classify them into categories.
  4. In the result window, you can see the deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone. Select the file to preview and select the ones you have deleted from iPhone to recover by clicking “Save” button.


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