How to recover a WhatsApp account

Have you noticed suspicious accesses to your WhatsApp account or strange movements within the chats? Would you like to verify and increase the security of your account to prevent attacks by spies and malicious people?

In fact, you should know that WhatsApp, despite being a safe and reliable messaging service, is not exempt from account theft or illegal access. A little distraction or a low level of security is enough to allow other people to access your chats.

To help you make the messaging service safer and prevent privacy violations, in this article we at ChimeraRevo will list the tips to increase the security of your account and we will also show you how to recover a stolen WhatsApp account .

How to use WhatsApp: tips and tricks

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  1. Preliminary information
  2. How to recover a WhatsApp account
  3. How to reset two-step verification
  4. Advice on how to increase the security of a WhatsApp account

Preliminary information

Retrieving a WhatsApp account basically consists in logging in to the messaging service via your phone number, entering the code received via SMS and recovering the chats via the backup (if this has been done). Subsequently, therefore, we will study the procedure to be put in place to solve the problem and recover the stolen WhatsApp account on a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, in the event that the two-step verification is active, we will also see the procedure to follow for its recovery / restoration of the security code.

How to recover a WhatsApp account

To recover a WhatsApp account, just follow a few simple steps, which will lead you to log in to the instant messaging service with the account connected to your phone number.

  • Download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone, which is available for free for Android and iOS
  • On the main screen, press Accept and continue , specify the country (if necessary) and enter the telephone number linked to the account to be recovered
  • Subsequently, the verification code will be sent via SMS, to the specified number, to be entered within WhatsApp
  • At this point, if everything went well, you will have logged into your account and you can restore the chats and media

Furthermore, it is also a good idea to check the accesses made with your account in order to identify possible malicious people or spies:

  • Within WhatsApp, go to the Settings
  • Continue to Connected devices
  • Within the next screen, you can view all the devices connected to your WhatsApp account and remove the suspicious ones by pressing on them and then on the Disconnect item

How to reset two-step verification

Have you set up 2-Step Verification on WhatsApp, but have forgotten your security PIN? In that case, you needn’t worry at all, as you can retrieve the security code in a few simple steps.

  • Start WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Follow the wizard until the two-step verification screen appears
  • At this point, click on the item Have you forgotten your PIN?
  • Then, click on Send email to proceed with the PIN recovery
  • Go to your email and click on the link
  • On the next screen, click on Confirm , in order to temporarily disable two-step verification

At this point, all you have to do is activate the two-step verification again, setting a new security code and taking care not to lose it:

  • Within WhatsApp , go to the Settings
  • Go to Account> Two-Step Verification
  • Next, set the PIN following the wizard

I remind you that, at the moment, this operation can only be done from a smartphone, and therefore not from WhatsApp Web / WhatsApp Desktop .

Advice on how to increase the security of a WhatsApp account

Is it possible to increase the security of a WhatsApp account? The answer is affirmative and it will be enough just to follow some small advice that we will provide you in the next lines.

  • Never share the two-step verification code with anyone – it is a very important code that must be kept confidential, even by friends and family
  • Do not share the 6-digit code used during registration with anyone
  • Always use two-step verification , as it greatly increases account security
  • Keep your personal information safe and allow only your contacts to view it
  • Periodically check the accesses made to your WhatsApp account

With these small tricks, you will make your account even more secure and you will be less vulnerable to attacks by spies and malicious people.

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