How Does Apple ID Works

I don’t know about you, but in recent years I began to buy any software for iOS noticeably less often than before. I have everything, so if I pay for something, it is almost always just a subscription. Moreover, some of them are issued directly not through the App Store , but from the developers, because it is cheaper that way. Naturally, because of this, I almost stopped following the card that was tied to my account in the Apple app store and, if I still needed something, I used the built-in account. Let’s talk about him.

Apple ID has its own account, which can be topped up and used for purchases in the App Store and iTunes.You’ve probably already seen a special section in the App Store settings called “Apple ID Account” . You can replenish it by crediting it with money from a bank card, and then pay them for software and other content that is available in the application store. But what’s the point of it?

How to pay with Apple ID

It is convenient to pay for purchases from the Apple ID account in the App Store

In fact, there is a lot of sense in having a separate account in the App Store . The Apple ID account is designed in such a way that the money for the purchase is always debited from it first. That is, if you have 200 rubles on your deposit, and the film that you buy costs 299, then 200 rubles will be debited from the account, and another 99 – from your bank card, if it is linked. If you do not want your bank card to be used in principle, it is better to keep track of how money is spent from your Apple ID account.

Что будет c Apple ID и iPhone, если человек умер

  • The validity of bank cards is usually limited to 3 or 5 years. Despite the fact that banks quite quickly replace them with new ones, sometimes it happens that there is simply no time or opportunity to get a new card. And by adding money to your App Store account, you will always be sure that you will not be left without virtual doping.
  • Those who make a lot of purchases or regularly pay for subscriptions probably hate to see a lot of transactions on their statementof transactions. There is no such thing with the App Store account. You only from time to time replenish it with money from your bank card, and then you are not afraid of unexpected charges.
  • Sometimes payment by card may not go throughfor one reason or another. Especially if you use the “plastic” of a local payment system like Mir. From this point of view, it is simply more convenient to replenish the App Store account and no longer face problems in conducting transactions, because the money is from the account, but in an amount not exceeding the deposit.

How to top up Apple ID

You can top up your App Store account by credit card or any other method available in your country. For example, in Russia it can be a gift card or a phone number. PayPal and other payment services are found here and there.

  • Go to the App Store and open your profile;
  • Then select the “Top up Apple ID” tab;

It is most convenient to replenish Apple ID with a card, but not less than 100 rubles

  • Select the required amount or click “Other”;
  • Specify the amount of payments and confirm it.

Apple ID заблокирован. Что делать

In Russia, the minimum amount for replenishing an Apple ID account is 100 rubles. That is, if you want to top up your account only for the purchase of one application at a cost of, say, 15 or 30 rubles, then nothing will come of it. In principle, this is logical, because it is assumed that the account will be used for ongoing payments when purchasing applications, games, music tracks, films and other virtual goods available from Apple.

I can’t top up my Apple ID. What to do

If you’re having trouble getting your Apple ID topped up, it’s likely temporary.

Sometimes it happens that for one reason or another, the Apple ID account is not replenished . Usually the reasons for this are always standard. Here’s what you need to do to fix the situation:

  • Make sure you have money in your bank account
  • Check the stability of the Wi-Fi or LTE connection
  • Disable VPN on iPhone if enabled
  • If everything is ok, check the Apple servers here

It would seem, what is the general benefit of using an Apple ID account ? But there is a benefit. In addition to the obvious convenience for some categories of users who, for some reason, cannot pay for purchases with a card directly, Apple periodically offers all kinds of bonuses to those who use an Apple ID account . For example, in honor of the holidays, the company can add 10 or 20% of the top-up amount to your account.

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