How to record the screen of Samsung mobile

A mobile phone is the essential tool of many during their day to day life, since through it they stay connected with others. Through a mobile we can easily talk to other people when and where we want, we can interact with others on the most popular social networks , we can watch videos, listen to music, video games and much more.

Actually, there are all kinds of activities that we can do on our mobile device without too much problem, which makes it essential for everyone in their daily life, and it is understandable. A mobile really makes life easier for anyone, so it is understandable to see people looking for a better mobile or the best way to do things.

For the latter, we can find that in the market there are all kinds of mobile lines, brands and models from which we can choose to feel more comfortable with what we are having in our hands.

Many choose a particular brand for fashion or aesthetics, while others think about the functionality and power of the device in terms of its hardware specifications . And, in today’s competitive marketplace, every company has tried to do their best to give their users the best possible options.

Now, with the latter in mind, we can see that there are mobiles that obviously can do things that others can’t, such as recording the screen. Recording the screen is a widely used option among iPhone users , since the option is easy to activate there, which has left many Android users with their arms crossed. But, you don’t have to worry because there are ways to do it through Samsung devices, so stay with us, keep reading and learn how you can do this.

Recording the screen

Recording the screen has become an attraction for many in the world, because a mobile is designed to be able to capture what we have around us at the right time. And even now, it is possible to record your pc screen and face at the same time .

So if we are browsing the internet or our social networks and we see some interaction that makes us laugh or we want to broadcast, we can simply record everything with our mobile and then do what we want with that.

In fact, not only the screen will be recorded but also the audio of the mobile in question or we can activate the microphone to be able to record a comment, as long as the microphone is not damaged . In any case, it is a very useful tool that we should all have.

Recording your screen on your Samsung device

With the above in mind, it is really comforting that there are ways to record our screens on Android devices, more specifically those from Samsung.

From Samsung 10 it can be done, or on any device that has GameLauncher , which is the tool from which we are going to take today, because it gives you the opportunity to not only record, but we can see different options on it. sound and graphics of our video games, so see how you can record your screen.

  • Although it sounds a little strange, we can record other applications that are not games with GameLauncher. To do this, you must enter GameLauncher and see the list of currently installed applications.
  • Within the list, you will be able to see your games and others, but if you are looking to record in a particular application you can do so by selecting the ” Add application ” button and choosing the application you want.
  • After this, you have to launch the application you want to record, and it does not necessarily have to be from the GameLauncher itself.
  • When you launch the application, you will see a button appear at the bottom of the screen, press it.
  • Now, you just have to go into “Game tolos” and then select the ” Record ” option , and then choose the ” Game ” and “Audio source” options respectively.
  • Then just go back to the application and in the new options button at the bottom, select the ” Record ” option and from that moment you will see that your screen is recorded and keep in mind that everything will be saved in a folder in your gallery with the name of the application.
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