How does the Sony XperiaEar smart headset work

Technology always seeks to make our day to day much easier, and it achieves this through the small advances and details that are added to our current devices. This is something that we can see directly in the devices that we handle on a daily basis such as the computer, the mobile , the Smart TV, the tablet, etc.

There are many devices that we use on a daily basis for entertainment, communication and much more, but, if something is really clear in all this, it is that probably the device we use the most for all these purposes is our mobile device.

Our mobile gives us everything we could wish for, because it gives us the opportunity to take photos like a professional , share content on the most used social networks , stay connected through instant messaging, play our favorite video game, and much more. .

All this taking into account the degree of customization that comes with a mobile device, so it is not surprising to see the large number of people who use their mobile on a daily basis for lots of different tasks. It even becomes a very important device for the busiest people, and they often use their mobile as an assistant.

Now, in order to facilitate all this task, different mobile developers have created their own virtual assistants, so that you can do many things with just voice commands.

But, as we said at the beginning, we always seek to make these processes and experiences easier, and that is where Sony has come on the market with the Sony XperiaEar , a smart headset that offers much more than what you could expect.

And if you don’t believe it, see below a little about this interesting headset and how it works so that you can decide if you need it or not.

What is the Sony XperiaEar smart headset?

Virtual assistants have become something of great value over the years, due to everything they can do for us through simple voice commands, one of the most popular being the Google assistant .

Since the use became popular on iOS devices, it is obvious that something was being done right and that many would seek to use more and more a virtual assistant, and Sony took advantage of it, created a smart headset through which it can be controlled a virtual assistant in a smart and comfortable way. If you have any questions, see how it works below. These also have a mobile application so you can use them whenever you want.

How does the Sony XperiaEar smart headset work?

The Sony ExperiaEar smart headset, at first glance looks like a pretty interesting smart headset, given that it is elegant and not too intrusive in size for our ears.

It has a more or less decent battery, and easy to charge through its case that has capacity for up to 3 charges of the headset so we do not have to worry about cables and others; it also has a noise-canceling microphone and a small button. But, even though it’s a pretty common headset so far, we need to start talking about how the virtual assistant works with this one.

This headset is really interesting, since through the button it has we can activate the virtual assistant of the Sony XperiaEar application, Google Assistant or Google Now. Once we activate it we can make voice commands, and be able to move the head in an affirmative or negative way to be able to give extra commands thanks to the sensors that it has installed.

Thanks to these commands we can answer messages, listen to messages, make calls , make changes to the agenda or calendar, listen to the weather, the news and much more. It is a very special headset for all those people who do not have the time to be watching the mobile screen all day.


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