How to put text on a video for free?

You need to use a video editing application to add a text to it . Of course, there are plenty of free options out there, which in addition to using eye-catching fonts, also improve video quality and allow you to add effects. This is valid for computers or mobile devices.

A very useful tip is that in Windows, in addition to putting background music to a video with Media Maker , you can also add text to it using fonts and styles . That is, you do not need to download any application. Of course, in case your PC does not have this tool by default, you have the option to get one from the official Microsoft Store.

How to put TEXT TO A VIDEO for free? – Better tools

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  1. What are the benefits of using video editors to complement your video?
    1. Improve visualization
    2. Adapt your content to all audiences
    3. Add all kinds of effects
    4. Present like a pro
  2. What is the procedure I must follow to add text to my video?
    1. Usando Adobe
    2. with fastreel
    3. From Filmora
    4. Through Clipchamp

What are the benefits of using video editors to complement your video?

When creating a video by adding photos and music , or using the camera to record it, the device settings are used. That is, some filters or transition effects, but by adding your video to an editing program , you can get a lot of benefits by modifying various aspects such as:

Improve visualization

Most video editors allow you to improve your display, either by enlarging it, removing canvases, using brightness, saturation, increasing speed , and of course, adding effects and filters, that is, each user customizes the aspects according to the video. to improve your visualization.

Adapt your content to all audiences

If the content of your video is for all ages with a video editor you can let it be known. For example, many users put a video as a trailer on their YouTube channel in order to inform the public what it is about. You can do the same with an editor, just add a small video clip or text that suits all audiences .

Add all kinds of effects

Effects are one of the basic tools of video editors, they provide a great benefit for all users, since you can always find the effect that suits your needs .

Present like a pro

A great benefit of a video editing program is that you can choose the dimensions, resolution, or the output format after editing. Of course, the options vary according to the program, but to present the video as a professional, it must meet the requirements according to the use.

What is the procedure I must follow to add text to my video?

The procedure will be according to the program you use , in the same way, they are all organized by categories and tabs that indicate the position of the tools to the user. Also, it is very common for applications to have a tutorial, otherwise, you can always find a guide online. So, to add text to a video you can use these programs:

Usando Adobe

From the official Adobe website you will be able to find the most powerful video editing tools, and with Adobe Premiere Pro it is very easy to add a text, you just have to import your video from the device and in the panel click on the ‘T’ icon , you will notice that you can write the text, in addition to modifying all its possible characteristics.

with fastreel

Fastreel is a very simple online tool to use when adding text to a video. To do so, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Fastreel page in your browser.
  2. Click on add file and select one of your device.
  3. The editing panel opens where you must click on ‘Your text’ and write the text you want.
  4. Customize the font, size, color and the aspects you want.
  5. Click on ‘Export result’ and that’s it.

From Filmora

Filmora is an excellent video editing program that weighs very little for the amount of tools it has, of course, in terms of text you can add titles, credits , and much more. Also, you have the option to use many styles, fonts and movements, all according to the user’s needs. To do it you just have to:

  1. Open Filmora and upload a video to the program.
  2. Press ‘Titles’ and choose a format for the text along with its purpose, either at the beginning, as a subtitle, credit, among others.
  3. Customize the layout and set its duration.
  4. Save the changes and that’s it.

Through Clipchamp

With the Clipchamp program you can add very long texts to your video, just upload the video, and drag your text to the timeline . Of course you can also edit its duration, position, size among other characteristics.

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