How to protect my Router from computer attacks?

When it comes to finding solutions to stay safe from so-called cyber attacks, we must never let our guard down. Raising shields and trying to do everything in our power to keep ourselves safe will never hurt. It is for this topic that we bring you the following tutorial, which will try to explain how to protect my Router from computer attacks? – security measures.

It is true that it is not possible to keep one hundred percent protected from possible attacks from people who wish to violate our security, this has already been proven. But if there are ways to increase these security measures and then we will tell you what they are, so that you can protect my Router from computer attacks, security measures.

Routers are devices that allow us to connect many devices to the network in a fast and secure way. Much has been said about its configuration on this subject, both to obtain greater speed, to protect ourselves from cyber attacks and to easily configure a Router to take full advantage of it , step by step.

How to protect my Router from computer attacks?

When we protect devices such as routers , we increase in a certain way the security that we may have to avoid being one more victim of cyber hackers. But below we will give you some detailed recommendations on what you should do to protect my Router from computer attacks.

These are basic security measures and if you follow the instructions that we will enunciate below to the letter, you can do it without any problem. These will not have a specific order so all of them are important to do. First you must Update the Firmware , this is nothing more than the software that the Router uses to work.

When you make an update as you already know it, you incorporate new functions, but also add patches that correct certain flaws in security or operation. It is for this sense that it would be highly recommended to have automatic updates activated in the Router’s configurations, if it is not possible to do this, search online for any manufacturer update.

Another suggestion that we can offer you is to change your username and password, when you purchase a router. These devices have the IP address printed on the label , as well as a default username and password. Change this data, so that you do not have problems since anyone can access them in a very simple way.

Basic security measures to protect your Router

You can also perform the WLAN Network Name Change , as this information may be disclosed by the company. So give it a new SSID name, or check that the password is on. It is necessary that you can place one that is very secure and with your personal data, in this way, you can stay away from possible cyber attacks.

The following recommendation has to do with the Universal Plug and Play Service , which you must disable through the Router’s configuration. When this option is enabled, other users can be allowed to enter the network without being authenticated. Remember that through this service you can share data with other peripherals such as printers, WiFi points, mobile phones, etc.

Another very good option that you can choose to protect my router from computer attacks is by opening the configuration menu on a secure website. To do this, look for the IP address on the Router’s label and type it in your browser. And you must make sure that you do it through a secure https connection and when you make the changes in the configuration, another website should not be open.

It is also important that you investigate and read about the manufacturer of the device, if no problems have been reported that have occurred due to the use of the product. Or if there is also a known vulnerability, there are some sites that are responsible for collecting this information.

We can make other recommendations, but we believe that we have touched the most important ones that you should keep in mind and do not have future problems. And in this way we were able to show you how to protect my Router from computer attacks.


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