difference between an IP address and Mac address?

In the following article we are going to touch on a very interesting topic and it may be a bit confusing for many users. But they have to do directly with the way in which we can connect to the internet through our electronic devices. That is why we bring you this guide that will teach you what is the difference between an IP address and a Mac address?

These can be terms like IP address and Mac address that if you’ve heard them, you thought they were the same as you are not familiar with what these protocols mean. The truth is that there is a marked difference between these two concepts. And then we will explain what is the difference between an IP address and a Mac address?

But before continuing with this fabulous topic, it is important that you know other concepts that will help you maintain your privacy and security when entering the network. And learn how to hide your IP address when browsing the internet so as not to be tracked. In this way you will always be hidden from those who are waiting for new victims.

What is the difference between an IP address and a Mac address?

So that you can know the difference between an IP address and a Mac address , we are going to start by giving you a concept of each of these terms. First of all let’s start with the Mac address, with it you can identify any device that has a network card. These devices can be smartphones, Router, Computers, Laptop, etc.

The Mac address appears as a series of unique digits, which manufacturers attach to their devices in order to identify them. We must also know that if a computer for example has a USB wireless network card. And also a network card that is connected to the motherboard, each card will have a different Mac address .

Then you must understand that this address is not for electronic device, but for network card. This address can be composed of combinations of numbers and letters, there are a total of 12 and are arranged in pairs. This is nothing more than a 40-bit identifier and they represent a specific manufacturer and model.

What is an IP address

Now the other question is that it is an IP address and this is nothing more than the way in which the devices that are connected to the network communicate. It also defines the way the routers behave and send the information correctly. But this direction can change over time or frequently.

This is one of the main differences, with Mac addresses , as this address is always the same. The IP address can change and the routers or different network devices are responsible for the assignment. But there are other devices that must always have the same IP address or a fixed IP , such as servers.

There are also private IP addresses and public IP addresses,  the private ones are the ones we use to connect to the Router. And the public IPs are those assigned by the network operator that we use and it is with which we identify ourselves when carrying out searches in the browser. Another aspect that you have to take into account, that when we use private IP addresses.

These cannot be the same and each device that is connected to the Router is assigned by it a different address so that they can connect to the network, otherwise they would conflict. As every day there are more devices that can connect to the Internet, each of them must have an IP address that identifies and connects them.

In this way we come to the end of a very interesting and didactic article that was in charge of explaining some terms that tend to confuse a bit. And in a clear and simple way we were able to show you  what is the difference between an IP address and a Mac address.


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