What is Freepik and how does it work?

If you usually use photos or designs for your work, Google Images is not the only option. Freepik has quickly emerged as a potential source for quality image downloads . In this section we will give you a brief review of this company, how it works, how to use it and what you should know when using the designs.

What is and How does Freepik work – How to use it to get the most out of it


It is a very useful online search engine platform for graphic designers, because it allows them to locate all kinds of high-quality photos, vector images, PSD files and illustrations for free. To find the design you want, it has filters by categories such as: nature, cartoons, drawings, logos, people, etc.

Consolidating as a web of visual resources . What is a great support of graphic support that will complement your creative projects.

The beginnings of Freepik

This technological framework is of Spanish origin. Born in Malaga in 2010. Starting in 2011 with 3 founders. It currently has a large human support team that exceeds 70 people, so they have expanded their physical area.

And it all came from the idea of ​​creating a website with great graphic resources, especially free, for designers, marketing agencies, art directors, and developers.

This company went from classifying third-party content to producing and distributing content to users dedicated to design. In this way, it generated a model that changed the sources of income and its way of operating.

At present, it has a traffic of more than 1,300 million downloads, invoicing for 2016 more than 7 million euros and continues to increase. According to the Financial Times, this company is consolidated in number 23 among the thousand in Europe that grow faster.

This search engine has 2 main useful tools.

  • Flaticon. The largest source or database for downloading free customizable icons .
  • Slidesgo . It has a wide catalog of themes and attractive presentations for googles slides and editable power point templates , they are also customizable adapting to your needs.

How does it work?

In general, when searching for an image file we visit many websites or search engines until we find what we request. Freepik does it for you, in an organized and fast way, it visits the web pages where the graphic resource is located, it catalogs the results according to quality.

To achieve this objective and titanic task, it is developed under a PHP and Mysql environment , using Nginx as a web server.

How to use Freepik

Once on the main page of Freepik, we enter a keyword in the search field, it can be in English. Then it will show you the results, some labeled as new or the most popular. If we want to specify, we can filter the search by selecting the most recent.

To choose the image, click on it. On the next screen you will find the download button, in which it specifies that “it is a free license with the attributions”, this indicates that when using it we must attribute the inclusion of the name of the person who uploaded it in our project. It is downloaded free of charge compressed in .RAR file. Unzipped and ready to use.

If you are going to download photos , you have options by categories. Stock photos, Icons, PSD files (if you need photos to work with Adobe) and vectors (It is a composition of shapes and geometric elements that create a design format, ideal for logos, banners, etc).

By clicking on one of them, specify with keywords the topic you want to search for. And the download process is similar. It even positions you at the origin where the image is located.

If you are a graphic designer or simply a user who uses many visual resources, you will love this page. It has been noted for the quality of its content , in fact they are very demanding with the catalog they offer.

It is created for mutual benefit, because it also offers the opportunity that you can earn money with your images . It is a platform with multiple opportunities for lovers of graphic design…! Feel free to tell us about your new experience with the Spanish website.


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