How to promote donations on Instagram

The possibility of organizing a fundraiser through social networks has been possible for some time. Facebook Inc. itself introduced more than a year ago the possibility of supporting the non-profit world with various initiatives on its main social network. The results were impressive right from the start and involved millions of people all over the world, thus allowing, in particular third sector organizations, to have additional strategic tools available to reach and engage internet users .
Given the success of the main platform, Zuckerberg and its developers have decided to create a new sticker with the same function for Instagram as well! In fact, for some days now, it has been possible to add the “Donation” sticker to a story that allows you to promote a fundraiser in support of a cause . Anyone can use this sticker, not only nonprofits, but also regular users from their personal profiles.

In this post, we explain how to use the Instagram donation sticker and how to raise money for a good cause through this social network.

How to promote donations on Instagram

If you have been interested in marrying a cause promoted by a charity or a non-profit organization for a few days, and you want to involve your friends too, for a few days you can do it through your Instagram. Recently, the “Donation” sticker was added to the stickers available when you publish a new story . So let’s see how to use it to promote donations on Instagram.

Using the donation sticker is very easy. What you need to do is choose the photo or video to post as a story. For example, if you have chosen to help a particular organization, you might first look for a photo or video on the subject, which illustrates the cause of the organization and the reasons that should prompt your friends to donate money to the organization. Once you have identified the content to share with your followers from the gallery, before publishing the story, just swipe up and look for the item “Donation” among the stickers available.

Warning! If you do not find this item among those available, we advise you to follow the steps illustrated in the post “ why don’t I have music on Instagram? ”To fix the problem and update your Instagram.

Once you have tapped the Donation sticker, what you need to do is identify the non-profit organization you want to support and for which you want to promote a fundraiser. Instagram will already show you some uniforms between those that it considers “closest to you” for interest or the most popular ones. Obviously, if you do not have to immediately find the institution you want to send the funds to be raised, just use the search tool above:

Once you have selected the organization you want to raise money for, all you have to do is place the sticker where you prefer (like the other stickers you can move or shrink it as you wish):

Those who see your story can decide to make a donation by clicking on the sticker, freely choosing the amount to be paid for the cause. Instagram allows you to choose between predefined denominations (€ 5, € 10, € 20) or to select an amount of your choice (the minimum amount for donations is € 4). The name and amount of the donation will only be visible to the non-profit organization that will receive the donation. The latter, as assured by Instagram itself, will receive 100% of your donation!

Well! Now that he has learned how to use this sticker, all you have to do is join a cause and promote it among your friends to reach the charitable goal promoted by the organization you have chosen!

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