How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease that has boomed with the digital age. There are jobs that require spending all day in front of the PC and the possible development of this condition over time. The best thing to do to prevent CTS is to invest in some basic PC peripherals .

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you have had severe pain in your wrist or fingers for days or have difficulty bearing weight,  you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Although it may not seem serious, this condition can affect your daily routine and even your work activities.

This disease occurs when there is excessive pressure on the median nerve in the wrist . When the nerve is compressed, it affects the circulation of the hand, causing pain and inflammation.

If the nerve is severely affected, it can trigger severe pain in the fingers of the hand or in the wrist. Sometimes there may be numbness in the hand, difficulty grasping heavy objects and even the muscles in the area may be affected .

The treatment that currently exists for CTS is based on medications that reduce pain and inflammation; and attend physical therapy sessions. In extreme cases a surgical procedure is necessary .

How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Syndrome of the carpal tunnel can be prevented by taking some measures like changing your posture and work tools. Even people who already have CTS have made these changes, configured the PC keyboard, and noticed a considerable improvement.

Vertical mouse

The position of the hand when using the mouse is one of the reasons why this ailment usually occurs. Currently on the market there is a mouse designed to spend hours in front of the computer.

Its ergonomic design allows the hand to be in a more natural position, without pressing the median nerve. This type of mouse considerably reduces the pressure that is generated in the hand and shoulder.

There is a lot of controversy around this peripheral since some studies assure that there is no improvement from using it and others that using it long-term can considerably reduce pain .

Optical pencil

It is practically a mouse in the shape of a pencil . It’s like using a pencil, but with the difference that it has an optical reader on the tip that allows you to move the cursor on the screen. It can be somewhat uncomfortable and impractical if you spend many hours in front of the PC. However, if suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is ideal to completely eliminate pain when working.

Ergonomic keyboard

The ergonomic keyboard is one of the best investments for people who work in front of the PC for hours. Its design helps prevent pain in the wrists, shoulders and back.

It is characterized by allowing the hands to pose in a more natural way, which reduces tension. There are many models available on the market , some even have pads on the edge for the wrist to rest.

Desk arm support

In order to reduce the stress that is generated in the forearm and in turn the pressure of the wrist, an arm support for desks has been designed. Although it is not a peripheral, it is essential to prevent CTS .

It fulfills the same function as armchairs, so it is also useful to reduce fatigue due to long working hours. They are very resistant and suitable for right or left handed .

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse pad pads

For maximum comfort you need to add a wrist rest or keyboard pad and add a mouse pad made from a comfortable material. These two elements attack the key pressure points that are generated in the wrist when the same posture is maintained for hours.

All these elements and peripherals are essential to prevent the much dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome . Many of them are cheap compared to the cost of treating this disease.


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