How to make a call on Facetime?

Facetime is known as one of the best mobile messaging applications in the world, which has been available since 2010, when it was launched on the market. Its development was thought, to be able to connect people all over the world through Apple devices, since this application has a special facility, to be able to be operated through WiFi networks .

In order to make use of the Facetime platform, it is necessary that we have some technical specifications. However, the application itself is completely free, and comes pre-installed, within iPhone devices that start with the iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch, iPad 2 and even on Macs, which have built-in cameras.

Within this post, we will explain some questions about the settings, tools and use of this application , which will help you in multiple ways.

How do I make a call within Facetime?

The way in which Facetime is handled and used is quite intuitive and easy to use, since the same application has simple options and tools that will not make the task of making the call difficult, so you do not have to worry a lot about how much this app consumes .

However, when carrying out this action, you have different routes, for example, from the application, in which you only have to press the plus button (+), and then proceed to write the mobile number you want to contact , in order to start the call .

However, the application allows you to add several people to the conversation by entering phone numbers and emails . Likewise, the conversation, you can carry out on video or call, everything is a matter of how you want it to unfold.

Likewise, if you have the Siri virtual assistant updated and configured correctly, you may use it to make the call, since you only have to say the following commands: ” Hey, Siri, Facetime (the name of the contact) “.

How to change the language in Facetime?

In general, the Facetime interface works in a simple way, so it does not usually need it to carry out some kind of special or super complicated configuration. In this way, it becomes super easy, if at any time you need a special configuration or preference to be placed, since the same system allows it in a simple way.

For example, one of the most common configurations is the language change , in which you will pass the Facetime system, from English to Spanish. If this is the configuration you want to do, start by finding the settings icon and then enter the options and go to the option of ” Settings “, after that, go down the list and enter ” General ”.

Within this option, you will be able to see the “ Language & Region ” tab in which you must enter and there, you must locate the “iPhone Language” option in which you can find the language you want to enter. Once you have finished, you will only have to press the “ Done ” key and the language you have chosen will be saved by default.

What are the advantages of making calls within Facetime?

Facetime is known to be one of the default applications within most Apple brand products . It is used in very general terms , to make video calls or group calls , with up to 32 people, which can be connected without any problem to the live call.

Likewise, once you acquire one of these products, you can make the call or continue it, on any of your devices belonging to the brand , which must be previously registered with your Apple ID , as it is literally very easy to find this application on your iPhone .

Among the many benefits that we can highlight of this platform, is that unlike messaging applications such as Skype or WhatsApp , the consumption of data that Facetime has is lower than that generated by the aforementioned applications.


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