How to use FaceTime on Android

At WWDC 2021, Apple debuted FaceTime for Android for the first time . No, she did not release a separate application, but simply allowed creating links to video conferencing and inviting users of other platforms to them. Not to say that this is downright a dream, but still better than nothing at all. After all, now iOS and Android users will be able to communicate with each other via video without using inconvenient tools with low-quality video and audio streams.

FaceTime is now officially running on Android. True, with restrictions

Before we move on to the instructions for use, I want to warn you about the following: you can take part in FaceTime video conferences on Android only by an invitation sent by an iOS or macOS user. This creates a kind of one-sided game.

Создать ссылку на беседу FaceTime можно только в iOS 15, поэтому не забудьте обновиться.

Those who have an iPhone, iPad or Mac can invite the owner of the Android device to a conversation, but he cannot. Perhaps this function will be added in future updates, but we will not guess, so as not to be disappointed later.

How to set up FaceTime on Android

An open conversation in FaceTime is created in several stages, which each user performs independently, so nothing complicated awaits you. I am describing the entire procedure alone, so I will simply split the entire procedure as an iOS user and as an Android user.

On iOS

  • Launch FaceTime on your iPhone;
  • On the main screen, click “Create Link”;

First you need to create a link to the conference and send it to your interlocutor

  • Name the conversation if necessary;
  • Send it in any convenient way through the “Share” menu.

Что такое Material Design от Google и почему о нем все говорят

On Android

  • Open a notification with a link and follow it;
  • Enter your name to join the conversation and click “Continue”;

Enter a name and join the conversation

  • Give the FaceTime web app permission to use the camera and microphone;
  • In the new window, click “Join” and wait for the connection.

On iOS

The moment the Android user clicks “Join”, an alert will be sent to the iPhone from which the invitation was sent.

  • Click on the alert and unlock your iPhone;
  • In the FaceTime interface, select “1 attendee pending”;

To join the conversation, you must be added by an inviter

  • Click on the green FaceTime button to add it;
  • Confirm the addition by clicking on the green checkmark.

FaceTime calls on Android

While FaceTime users on iOS and macOS go live through apps, everyone else will use the web version of the service. It is based at At first I thought that Android and other platform users would be able to create video conferencing through it, but I was mistaken – there are no corresponding sections and buttons there. But there is a super-duper button to subscribe to our Pulse , then say thank you.

You can use FaceTime this way on different devices, not just Android.

Anyone you invited can join the FaceTime conversation. However, before they can be added to the conference, the inviting user will have to confirm their addition. This can be done strictly one at a time, which is not very convenient if there are many participants.

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This is for security reasons, as people who join the conversation will be able to see your ID and phone number. Therefore, watch carefully whom you approve. After all, it is possible that someone you invited will send the link to the conference to a complete stranger.

In the same way, by the way, not only users of Android smartphones can use FaceTime, but any other device in general. Logically, it will be possible to join a video conference even from a TV – of course, provided that the user has a webcam and microphone.


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