Deep Tunnel in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Deep Tunnel in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.We show you how to beat the Deep Tunnel stage 100% in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Check the quests and the location of the Waddle Dees to get them all.

  • Waddle Dees to Rescue :10
  • Number of missions:5

Deep Tunnel is the name given to the second phase of the Utopian Nature world in Kirby and the Forgotten Land . This phase is available after completing the previous one: Constructed Valley . Next, as part of our guide, we are going to show you all the missions of the phase, how to complete them and where to find the Waddle Dees that hide in it. So you can beat it 100% without any problem!

These are the 5 Deep Tunnel quests and how to complete them:


  1. Beat the stage
  2. Rescue the Waddle Dees
  3. Find the secret room
  4. Light up 4 lantern switches
  5. Tear down the “Wanted” sign

beat the stage

  • This is the main missionof the phase and it consists simply of completing it until reaching the end. Beating it will automatically rescue 3 Waddle Dees.

Rescue the Waddle Dees

This mission consists of rescuing up to 4 Waddle Dees that are hidden in different locations on the level; are the following:

Waddle Dee #1

  • It is inside the secret roomof the phase, although when you get to it you will have to kill some enemies first in order to open a treasure chest where the Waddle Dee is.

Waddle Dee No. 2

  • At the end of the section with platforms that rise and fall, to the right of the red star gate, climb through the items to the upper gap in the wall. Go through the grate to the other side and blow up the bomb box with the Fire ability to blow up the metal blocks below.

Waddle Dee No. 3

  • After the previous one you will run into a canyonon your way. Light the fuse of the cannon with Fire and get inside before it explodes, so you will be shot towards a pipe higher up where the Waddle Dee is.

Waddle Dee No. 4

  • In the final section of the tunnel where there is a ladder to transform, use it to place it against the construction fence next to a cannon. Then light the cannon’s fuse with Fire and get into it before it explodes. You’ll shoot out onto an upper ledge where there are two chests and the Waddle Dee.

Find the secret room

To complete this mission you must find the secret room of the level:

  • Shortly after starting the phase you enter a first tunnel.
  • A little further on, where the road is destroyed, you find in your path a ball with which Kirby can use Transmorphosis.
  • Do it to open it by moving the joystick and a star button will appearto press.
  • Press the button and you will unlock access to the secret room on your left.

Illuminates 4 lantern switches

This quest asks you to turn on 4 Lantern Switches that are scattered throughout the stage. That is to say that to complete it you will need Kirby’s Fire ability (for example, you can get it at the beginning of the level, absorbing an enemy that spits fireballs).

Lantern Switches are like oil lamps that are unlit and can be lit by spitting fire flames at them with power. These are their locations in the stage:

Lantern switch nº 1

  • In the first section of the level, on the right side of the tunnel entrance, next to some construction fences.

Lantern switch nº 2

  • After passing the first part of the tunnel you will see this lantern on the left, in the area where enemies appear in the form of spiked tubesand plates on the ground that rise and fall.

Lantern switch nº 3

  • Just ahead of the previous lantern, in the same area, after passing through two spiked enemies.

Lantern switch nº 4

  • In the same area as the previous two, but it’s on the last platform that ascends and descends, on a central beam surrounded by round spiked enemies (wait for the platform to ascend to reach it easily).

Tear down the “Wanted” sign

In this mission, what you have to do is rip out a “Wanted” poster that is hidden in the phase. This poster is easily recognizable because it is a drawing of Kirby with a purple “X” mark on top of it. Its location is as follows:

  • You can find it in the section where there is a ladderthat Kirby can Transmorph with.
  • Transform into the ladder and keep going until you reach a cannonwith a fuse.
  • A little beforethe canyon you will see the sign at the top of the wall, right where there is a construction fence below.
  • Place the ladder against this fenceand release the ability with Y.
  • Now go up to the topof the ladder and hit the poster to rip it off the wall.


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