How to play minesweeper on Android

Minesweeper is a very popular game that has a few years of history, nowadays you can even play minesweeper on an Android device without having to install it . Of course you can also do it from a PC, and the best without having to open pages, since it is played in the same Google search engine .

For many people the game of minesweeper would not be their first option, but we must be clear that when you start playing it you will not be able to stop , because apart from testing your intellectual capacity and having fun, you will realize that this game is something Addictive and the more you play it you won’t want to stop.

Alternative Options

Minesweeper can be enjoyed in other various websites that offer the game for free. Play Minesweeper features the game in a colorful format. Additionally, the site features a detailed guide into the rules of the game, and provides a look into the creation and history of Minesweeper. While the game has a simple objective, it can take quite a while to master it, and practicing wherever possible is a good idea.

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  1. What is the traditional Minesweeper game about?
  2. What is the procedure to play minesweeper on an Android cell phone without installing it?
  3. What other games can we use on Android without previously installing them?

What is the traditional Minesweeper game about?

The goal of this game is to try to clear all the boxes that do not hide a mine , on the screen you will find many boxes, some have numbers, these mean the number of mines that you can find in the boxes next to the one you opened. Example: if a box has the number 5, it means that, of the number of boxes around you, there are 5 that have mines, the dilemma is in hitting those that are free of mines in order to continue advancing in the game .

You must bear in mind that if you step on a mine, all the mines that are in the game will explode and the game will be over, if you want to repeat the game, at the end a window will appear where it will ask you if you want to repeat it, to accept and remember the position of the mines as they are will be located in the same place as the previous game.

What is the procedure to play minesweeper on an Android cell phone without installing it?

Playing minesweeper from your mobile device is very simple and the most incredible thing is that you do not need any application to access it since you can do it totally free through the search engine, you just have to:

  • The first thing you should do is open your device’s browser, and search the web for “Minesweeper”.
  • Once the results appear, you will find a Google “Doodle” and the blue button will say the word Play, to start the game you just have to press on it.
  • And voila, you just have to wait for the game to start.

An interesting fact is that once you enter the game, you can choose the degree of difficulty in which you want to play , if you did not know there are 3 levels of difficulty that are: easy, normal or difficult. Like any game you should know that depending on the level it will be more and more difficult to play, but if you are a beginner we recommend the easy level so that you understand the dynamics of the game and once you have grasped it you can try the others.

The minesweeper game is also available on other platforms and the steps to play it are exactly the same.

What other games can we use on Android without previously installing them?

There are a wide variety of games that you can access without having to download them on your device , either because you do not have enough space on your computer or if you just want to try which would be the best choice to choose , you can also find different tricks, which will help you overcome some levels that can be complicated.

Then one of the most famous games that you can play directly from Google is ” Tic Tac Toe ” , or better known as the famous Tic Tac Toe or Triqui, you can also play “Solitaire” from Google Doodle , you will notice that in the game window that you choose there are more options. Namely:

There is a very varied list of games which you can play on your Android without having to install them previously, such as:

  • Meditate
  • Spin a top.
  • Sound of animals.

You can play all of these from the same Google Doodle window and you can also find practical and fun tools such as: Flip a coin, calculator, or the color picker.

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