How to play minigames on Telegram

As time goes by, more and more messaging applications such as  WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram Messenger are ; The latter has bots on its platform, which is a very useful tool since it makes the difference between other messaging applications.

Telegram having various tools including bots as we have already mentioned , makes many users consider it better than WhatsApp itself. However, if you are one of those who do not know which one to stay with, we recommend that you visit WhatsApp vs Telegram and you can get out of your doubts.

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  1. What are the best games we can find on Telegram?
    1. Gamee
    2. Gamebot
    3. Hangman game
  2. How can I access Telegram mini games?
  3. Is it possible to create my own game for Telegram?
  4. What other bots can I find on Telegram?

What are the best games we can find on Telegram?

Currently the list of Telegram games is very small, however these games allow us to spend little fun times in those moments that you have free. Among the best Telegram games we have:


When it comes to gaming, Gamme is probably one of the bots that has the most options. Gamee is like a compilation of old arcade games, where you can find from the most common game like the Snake, Gravity Ninja, and one similar to Mario but in this case the player controls a ninja.

These games are easy to use, and even most come with their corresponding instructions in case you are not very sure that you are doing it right. All these games can be played both alone or with friends.


Gamebot is another option to play, this bot has included three simple and fun games to pass time and see who gets the highest score. When using it, you have to type @gamebot in some of your conversations without pressing the enter key. Then you will get a menu with three games Mathematical Battles, LumberJack and finally Corsairs which you can play with the person.

  • Mathematical Battles or in English Match Battle: it is a game of mental agility with mathematical accounts.
  • Corsairs: It is a game of skill, in which you have to dodge some bombs.
  • LumberJack: In this game you are a lumberjack, he can cut down a tree from both the right and the left. In short, what you have to do in the game is evade the branches.


Hangman game

The most classic and entertaining game of all time, hangman. Here the user has to guess the word by writing letters , where the game ends until the figure of the hangman is completed, at which point he will lose the game.

How can I access Telegram mini games?

If you want to access the Telegram minigames, it is very simple, you just have to click on the magnifying glass that appears on the main screen (where all your chats are), and look for the names of the games or bots, then click on the join option which appears at the bottom of the chat tab.

When you are already a member of the game, the instructions will appear and apart from other options that it offers us and to continue it is something very easy. Some of the game bots help you to test who can more between you and the machine , and also let you include other participants.

In the event that you want to access a minigame with a specific friend, you just have to open the conversation of the person you want to invite to play, mention one of the bots such as @gamee, and choose your preferred game and Otherwise, in which it is the one that invites you, press accept.

When a game is created, you are competing against your friends and thus being able to show who is the best and be among the first in the ranking, in this way anyone can.

Is it possible to create my own game for Telegram?

Telegram allows users to create their own games, from basic demos to complex multiplayer games with sound, graphics and animations. This platform is supported by HTML5 technology.

To start creating a game, send / newgame plus the command to @BotFather . Then they will ask you for a description and a photo, you can also upload an optional GIF image that shows your game to users, in order to make the messages with the game more striking.

After the game is created, your bot can send it to the chats as messages or offer them through online mode. The in-game message will always have an online play button.

By pressing this button, your bot will receive a callback query indicating the requested game. You must provide the correct URL for this particular user, and the application automatically opens the game in that application’s browser.

In case you send the game message without any button, it will automatically have a button that says play or GameName. You can add several buttons to the message of the game, for this you must bear in mind that the first button in the first row will always be to start the game, among the buttons you add you can put one for the game rules and another button that links to the official game community.

There are several ways that users can share your game, the interface will always have the standard system button to share the game in the upper right. You can also create the share button within the HTML page.

What other bots can I find on Telegram?

When it comes to finding a bot it is not always easy, sometimes there are groups where they share bots if you want to participate in one try: how to search for the best groups in Telegram, however in those groups you will not always find all the bots that That is why we will leave you a list of other bots that you can find in Telegram, apart from those minigame bots that we mentioned earlier.

Bots when you search for images and GIFs , among these we have:

Tenor GIF Search: Tenor is one of the most popular when it comes to finding dynamic images and GIFs of whatever you want, however the Telegram bot allows you to find it faster, you will only have to tell it what you are looking for from another chat and from You will automatically get recommendations of the type of GIF you want and so you can send it to whoever you want either in private conversations or in groups.

The Best Bot Wallpaper: If you are one of those who do not know what wallpaper to use on your phone, this bot will be very helpful since with it you will be able to find Wallpapers to your liking. Just start it and it will automatically send you daily wallpapers. When it comes to not wanting more Wallpapers you can stop the subscription, for this just mark off in the chat.

Some bots for music lovers:

With these bot you can search for all those song lyrics that are to your liking and also get the audio of any YouTube video.

VKM Bot:  This bot allows you to search for all the music that you like and to be able to download it directly from the messenger. You can find the songs by typing the artist or the name of the song.

Press what you want to place in the list and it will give you the option to download or just play. This bot is one of the most recommended

FindMusicPleaseBot:   This bot is very similar to the previous one with which you can find the music of your liking, you just have to start it and write the song you want to appear on Telegram. The only problem is that you don’t always find the song you are looking for. You can get it from their website .

LyricZBot: This bot is very useful, when you want to find the lyrics of a song. It is very useful since when it comes to finding a specific topic it will no longer be necessary to search for it on the web and it will be available to you on Telegram.

Series and films

NetflixNewsBot : This bot is designed for those people who are always aware of new releases, with this function you will be informed every day of new movies and series.

IMDB:  When you go to see a movie and you can’t decide which one to watch, the IMDB bot will be very useful, since with it you can search for various movies that you like or have been recommended to you, and once you locate it, everything will appear. everything related to that film, whether the cast, the duration and the awards that it has.

My Series (Beta): With this bot you can be aware of the movements of your favorite series. In a few words, you tell him what series he watches and he alerts you when there are new chapters.

Languages ​​and translation 

If you are one of those people who want to improve a language, you should try messaging applications, in Telegram there are various bots with which we can transcribe any word or phrase and show us how it is said in a specific language.

AndyRobot: This bot works as an English teacher, it is a “machine” with which you can practice the language, improve, do exercises or even play some related games to learn grammar.

You can also talk to a chat which will ask you questions or answer in order to practice a conversation. It is so real that you may even think it is someone for real. When in reality it is a perfectly done program that helps you with your English.

PronunciationBot: When it comes to transcribing this bot, it is one of the most recommended, since it allows you to convert text into audios in different languages, you can also share them in those groups that have people with different languages ​​and thus make communication easier.

Other tools

Voicy: If you want to convert voice notes to text, this Telegram bot will be very helpful. To use it, it is very simple, just go through the bot those voice notes that you want to convert and it will be transcribed.

Wikipedia Search: If you are one of those who are interested in looking for information of any kind or you just need to do a task with the Wikipedia bot you can achieve it. To use it is very simple you can just write @wiki followed with the language and what you want to find.

VoteBot: You can add this bot to any group Telegram chat, and it will work when organizing votes for anything you want.

Flirtu: You can say that it is a Tinder in Telegram, you are shown a series of photos of people and you select whether or not that person interests you. In case masters show interest, they get in touch to start chatting on Telegram.

PDF Bot: This bot allows Telegram to be a PDF editor, through it you can do actions such as join, rotate, scale, separate, add watermarks and extract text from a PDF document.

Alert Bot: This is a very simple bot with which you can create alerts or some reminders from Telegram. You just have to allocate the time to send the reminder and what you want to remember. will notify you with a message

Sticker Bot: This is a bot to find stickers. But it should not be confused with @stickers, which is the official bot for creating sticker packs. To use Sticker Bot it is very simple, just send an emoji and it will show you packages of related Stickers.

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